nazar_aydinCand.of Econ.Assoc.Prof. Mammadov Aydin Bayram

Mammadov Aydin Bayram oghlu was born on January 21 1956 in the town of Aghstafa.

Within 1963-1973 he studied at school №2 of Aghstafa and finished it with honors.

In 1973 he entered a school of Political Economics of AINE (present Azerbaijan State University of Economics) and graduated from with honors in 1978.

In 1978 he was appointed to the Department of “Political Economy” of Azerbaijan State University (present BSU) as an assistant by the Higher Ministry of Education.

He served in the military service in 1978-1980.


In 1980 he returned back to the previous workplace. In 1981 he was a full-time post graduate student of the same Department, in 1984 he graduated from. He was appointed a Head for the same Department in September. In 1988 he became a teacher of the Department. In 1991 he became a senior teacher, in1993 an Associate Professor of the Department. He served as an Associate Professor at the Department of “international Economic Relations and Management”, in 2006 at the Department of “Customs Organization and Management”.

Since 2009 he is an Associate Professor of the Department “Economic Theory” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.
He has got two children.

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