Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmadov Fariz Saleh


Address: room 102, academic building No4, 45 a, A.Sahhat, Baku city
Phone:  012 449 91 13
e-mail:  fariz.ahmedov@unec.edu.az


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Education Opportunities at UNEC (11.07.2017)
UNEC Expert on the PTV (25.04.2017)
UNEC was represented in the International Education Summit and Exhibition (27.03.2017)
“UNEC Teacher”- Fariz Ahmadov (10.01.2017)
UNEC Scholars were elected members of International Peace Researches Association (06.12.2016)
UNEC Scholars join the International Conference (20.05.2016)
UNEC becomes a member to the Union of Central Asian Universities  (03.05.2016)
How to raise the competitiveness in the region? UNEC Experts’ Proposals  (18.02.2016) 


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