alasgarova_saida_xariciAlasgarova Saida Khanlar

Alasgarova Saida Khanlar  was born in 1953 in Baku.

In 1969 she left secondary school N-62and in the same year went to Azerbaijan State Institute of Foreign Languages(Institute of Foreign Languages after 50 year anniversaryof USSR).

In 1974 she graduated from this Institute as a teacher of English and Azerbaijan languages.

In 1974 she worked as an English teacher in Baku in vocational school N54 for a year then changed her work to vocational school N67. Simultaneously she worked part-time at the State Institute of Foreign Languages as an English teacher.



In 1992 she began to work at secondary school N132 in Baku as an English teacher.

Since 1995 she has been working an English teacher at the Azerbaijan State Economic University at the Foreign Languages chair .

She is a senior teacher since 2001.

She has more than 12 articles in local scientific journals.