Head of internal audit department Babayev Hikmet Akif

e-mail: h.babayev@unec.edu.az

Babayev Hikmat Akif oghlu was born on May 17, 1976 in Baku city.

He started the secondary school No. 267 in Baku in 1983 and graduated the same school in 1993. Then he entered the Azerbaijan Cooperation University and graduated the engineering and economist specialty of the university with honours. He started the master’s degree at the same university in 1997 and finished the master’s degree in engineering economics and management in 1999.

He started the work experience in 1994 in “7gün” as an accountant, worked as an economist in “Azman bank” in 1995-1996, an accountant in “Nizami” cinema centre in 1996-1997, a specialist in Audit organization in 1998, and specialist, leading specialist and senior specialist at the Production and Management Centre for Service Enterprises at State Committee for Property Issues in 2000-2014.Currently, he is working as the head of the Internal audit department of the Azerbaijan State Economic University.

Currently he is a Director of Internal Audit Department of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.
He is a member of Executive Board of NAP UNEC first territorial organization.

He is married, has got 2 children.



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