Professor Huseynov Vakil Nemat

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 Deputy dean:
Jafarov Elman Novruz

Contact phone:+(994) 12 564-67-32


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Undergraduate students of the Faculty Technology and Design in the “Gilan Textile” park (11.11.2015)


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About faculty

Establishment date is February 1997

The Faculty of Technology and Design carries out personnel training on 4 directions and 9 majors of undergraduate level of education.

Directions are as follows:

- Technological Machines and Equipment Engineering
– Engineering Technologies of Consumer Products
– Foodstuff Engineering
– Design

Development of specialists in Technological Machines and Equipment, Garment Technology, Catering Technology, Technology of Bread, pasta, confectionery concentrates, Technology of Meat and Meat   Products, Technology of Fish and Fish Products, Technology of Natural Fiber Production, Technology of Winemaking and Fermentation and Design (Food and Light Industry) are being carried out in the faculty in accordance with the same directions.

The Department attached to the Faculty:

  • Technological machines and field equipments
  • The technology of food products
  • Design
  • Physics and chemistry
  • İnformation economy and technologies
  • İnformatics

Majors on the Faculty:

  • Design
  • Engineering of Technological Machines and Equipment
  • Foodstuff Engineering
  • Engineering of Consumer Goods Technology
  • Information Technologies
  • System Engineering




The Academic Board, Student Scientific Society, Trade Unions, Student Youth and Student Trade Union are carrying out their activities in the Faculty.

Graduates of the Faculty possess the professions production engineer and designer. They are able to function as artist- decorator, artist- modeler and constructor in the systems of catering, resort facilities, food industry, in the fields carrying the research of food variety and quality of foodstuff, quality control laboratories, research laboratories and other areas, each graduate possessing the major design are able to serve as artist- designers, artist- modelers and constructors in construction bureaus, scientific-research laboratories, fashion homes and so on and the graduate students can carry out scientific- pedagogical activity after the graduation.

The Chair of “Technology of Foodstuff” of the Faculty performs scientific cooperation with the prestigious higher educational institutions of CIS the National Trade- Economic University of Kiev, Food University of Mogilov, the Kharkov Academy of Nutrition Technology and Organization and Russian State Academy of Economics, the Department of “Design” with Gazi University of Turkey, Ege University situated in Izmir city, Moscow State Academy of Design and Technology, Kiev State University of Light Industry and Azerbaijan Fashion Association, the Department of “Technological Machines and Field Equipment” with the Institute of “Machine Studies”, Ege University (Turkey), Moscow University of Technology and Design, Saint- Petersburg University of Technology and Design and other higher education institutions.

Every year the students of the faculty provide moral support to orphaned children and nursing home for charitable purposes.

Athlete students of the faculty represent our university in the national and international competitions properly.

Exhibitions dedicated to the students’ hand works majoring in “Design” are organized every year.

The specialty Informatics provided by the Faculty of Informatics and Management has been attributed to this faculty since 2016.

The Faculty of Informatics was established under the title General Economics at the Institute of People’s Economy of Azerbaijan named after D.Bunyadzade. It was named as “Production and Administration of Production” in 1988 and “Informatics and Management” in 1992.

Highly skilled specialists on the following majors have been developed within the period:

  • Economic Cybernetics;
  • Economic Informatics;
  • Economy and Management of Production;
  • Information Technology in the World Economy.

The Faculty was run by Prof. G. Sadigov within 1972-1978, by Associate Professor S. Abdurahmanov within1978-1982, by Prof. B. Musayev within 1982-1992, by Associate Prof. S. Abdurahmanov within 1992-2001, by Associate Prof. V. Ibrahimov within 2001-2009 and by Associate Prof. N. Mikayilov within 2009-2016.

Contacts: 564-67-32; Address: II academic building, Hasan Aliyev str. 135a