The French Space Agency announces a competition

05 MARCH 2018

AISActInSpace, contest imagined by the CNES (the French Space agency), is a space applications hackathon. Designed for student but open to everyone, ActInSpace® is an event targeting creativity and aiming to cultivate student entrepreneurial initiatives. Throughout 24-hours, teams have to imagine and design innovative services and products derived from space technologies and space acquired data. This initiative is designed to consolidate the space sector’s vibrant image show how space technologies are supporting applications that reach into all areas of our daily lives.

The first edition of ActInSpace took place in 2014 and saw five French cities participating in the event. 201 candidates were enrolled in ActInSpace 1 and 4 start-ups have been created. Each company has received or will receive a license to develop a CNES patent.

For the second edition, ActInSpace was organized with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) enabling to open the event to an international audience. The event simultaneously took place on May 20-21 2016 in 12 countries and 24 cities. Around 900 candidates were teaming together to devise an innovative and realistic project to meet the space challenges set by CNES, ESA and other players in just 24 hours. In 2016, ActInSpace has found a renowned international sponsor, Airbus Defence & Space (ADS), to match the scale of its ambitions. In the frame of its sponsorship, ADS has provided its challenges, experts, and has offered two special prizes. The 1st international prize was also reflected the event’s new dimension. The winners of ActInSpace®—with the help of our further international sponsor Novespace— have got the chance to experience the thrill of weightlessness on board an astronaut training aircraft. Since the hackathon 14 startups have already been created and 40 teams want to go further in their project.

ActInSpace 2018 will be happen in 25&26 of May 2018. For the 3rd edition, 60 hosting cities are expected with at least 3000 applicants.

The organization is simple. CNES and ESA provide a central support including advices for the organization, various guides, marketing material and communication strategy, a dedicated website with a registration platform… CNES and ESA will provide challenges and organize the international final including the 1st prize and the accommodation for winning team. The local partners have to take in charge the local organization and the travel fees to Toulouse for the winning team. Of course, local sponsor can be find.

Please find here the short movie of ActInSpace 2016:

And the promotional teaser: