To the attention of wishing to be accepted to UNEC by taking the SAT examination!

25 JUNE 2018


The admission examinations to the bachelor’s degree level education at UNEC is provided both on the basis of the test examinations organized by the State Examination Center and through the international SAT examinations, as well. 

Wishing to apply to UNEC by the SAT examination can choose the financial, accounting and audit, business management specialites at the International School of Economics (ISE). The passing grade is 1000 points (the math should not be less than 500 grade points). According to the admission plan there are envisaged 4 places for the specialty of finance, 2 places for accounting and audit, and  2 for business management. The education is fee paid. The tuition fees for the specialty of “finance” is 2600 AZN, for “accounting and audit” and the  “business management” specialities is 2500 AZN.

It should be noted that, the applicants who had finished the comprehensive secondary schools providing the training in Azerbaijan on the basis of the international education programs such as International Baccalaurate®, A-level, SABİS® successfully and can present the corresponding document, can participate in the SAT exams for admission to UNEC.