nazar_dilsadCand.of Econ.Assoc.Prof. Aliyeva Dilshad Ziyad

Aliyeva Dilshad Ziyad kizi was born On May 15 1953 in Diyalli village of Ismayilli region.

After the completion of school she entered School of Political Economics of the Institute of National Economy of Azerbaijan. She was awarded with Karl Marx Scholarship for her excellent marks.

She graduated from the institute with honors. D.Aliyeva was appointed a laboratory assistant to the Department of “Political Economy” by the decision of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan SSR. In the following years she served as a senior laboratory assistant, teacher and a senior teacher.


Within 1976-1980 she was a post graduate student of the Department “Political Economics” of AINE. In 1990 she defended her thesis on “Saving the Production Means and its Role in Increasing the Efficiency of Social Production” and got the scientific title of a Candidate of Economics. In 2000 she became an Assistant Professor. At present she is an Associate Professor of the Department “Economic Theory” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

D.Aliyeva is the author of more than 30 textbooks, training aids, methodological aids, scientific articles, thesis and so on.

She is married, has got two children.

List of scientific works