nazar_zumrudCand.of Econ.Assoc.Prof. Gurbanova Zumrud Mammad

Gurbanova Zumrud Mammad kizi was born on April 9 1954 in Yukhari Tala village of Zagatala region.

After the secondary school she entered planning and economy school of “Baku Planning and Accounting College in 1970. She completed her education in the college with honors and submitted her documents to Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economics named after D.Bunyadzade and passed difference exam on history. In 1978 she graduated from the institute with honors.

In 1981 Z.Gurbanova was appointed a laboratory assistant to the Department of “Political Economics” by the Higher Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic.


In 1992 she became a teacher of the Department, in 2000 senior teacher. In 2007 she supported he Candidates paper on “Social Policy of the State in Market Economy” and on January 22 2008 she was awarded a diploma of the Candidate.

In 2010 Z.Gurbanova became an Associate Professor of the Department “Economic Theory-1”. She is a member and a scientific secretary of the scientific council of the Department IER.

In 2008 a book for poems “Spring in a Heart” (Urekde Bahar) was published by Z.Gurbanova.

She is married, has got three daughters, five grandchildren.

List of scientific works