Head of  Pre-graduate Department Salahov Rashad Mahammadali

Contact: +(994) 12 564-32-65


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Information about the Pre-graduate Department

The Department of Pre-graduate has been operating as a faculty of workers since 1972.

While many institutes and universities abolished the Pre- graduate education after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it continued to perform at Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

In different years the Faculty was led by the Associated Professor A.Hasanov, Professor A.Shakaraliyev, Associate Professor I.Mammadov, Associate Professor Kh.Khankishiyev and Associate Professor S.T.Gandilova. Currently the Faculty is headed by Rashad Salahov.

The faculty implements fee-based preparation on the admission curricula and disciplines for those who require entering to the undergraduate and graduate programs of Azerbaijan State University of Economics and the other universities as well.

Experienced educators of UNEC who are well-managed on work with applicants and are deeply familiar with the details of the testing methods were employed in the Pre-graduate School. The audiences’ knowledge on all disciplines conducted is checked twice a year by testing. IX, X and XI forms’ students are enrolled to the Pre-graduate School.


9 Chairs have been determined as a base in accordance with the preparation of 11 disciplines (Math, Physics, Chemistry, History of Azerbaijan, New History and Newest History, Geography, Azerbaijani Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature and a foreign language) on three major groups (I, II and III major groups. Teaching is conducted in Azerbaijani and Russian Languages and the preparation on 5 subjects is carried out in accordance. The Russian sector’s audiences are additionally taught the Azerbaijani on each major groups beginning from 2008-2009 academic year.

Azerbaijan State University of Economics implements the development courses for the Graduate Program since 2006-2007 academic year in the faculty aiming to speed up reforms in the education system and to carry out more appropriate two-tier education system. Preparation for the Graduate level of education is currently carried out in 2 (two) stages in accordance with the programs determined by the SCSA. Thus, intensive courses on all majors is implemented in the I stage and on economic- oriented majors in the II stage.