Head of Students department Yusifova Khalida Haji

Contact: +(994) 12 492-68-32


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Information about Students department

Being an independent structural unit, the Student department carries out the following functions in the provision of the personal files, thesis defence and diplomas of the students at the university:

- Provision of the registration and maintenance of the documents received by the student department;
– Receiving the personal files of the students;
– Control over the proper manner of the documents to be included in the personal files of the students;
– Development of the orders in regard with the student, writing extract from each order and add to the personal file of the student;
– Getting the diplomas of the alumni from the Ministry of Education;


– Full control to the preparation of the diplomas in proper manner and on due time;
– Inclusion of the diplomas in the register book;
– Submission of the diplomas to graduates;
– Distribution of the bachelor and master’s thesis to the departments on due time;
– Supervision over the proper preparation of the protocols;
– Supervision over the delivery of the protocols to the Students department on due time;
– Provision of the timely responses to the letters, inquiries received by the students department.