General Information about the Center

The Center for Assessment and Management of the Quality of Education (CAMQE) is a structural unit of Azerbaijan State University of Economics and implements the functions such as improving the quality of teaching and preparation of proposals on development conception, the content of the training-methodological work, development of methodological recommendations for improving forms and methods and quality control of teaching materials related to teaching process in accordance with the requirements of the quality provision system of UNEC.

At the same time, the Center provides university administration with the information and reports about the implementation of attestation of the undergraduates’ and graduates’ knowledge and the process of appellation of their results regularly, conducts scientific-statistical analysis of the results of final exams and provides appropriate units with proposals on improving the quality of education.

The Center has been implementing the work in connection with the preparation of modules and application of UNEC Electronic University Model since 2015/2016 academic year.

History of establishment, normative-legal bases: The Center for Assessment and Management of the Quality of Education has been established by UNEC rector’s order 121/3 signed on September 30 2014. In its functional performances the Center refers to the Statue approved by UNEC rector’s order.

The structure and staff of the Center: The Departments of “Control over the Quality of Teaching”, “Administration of Exams” and “Electronic University” operate in the content of the Center. In general, 26 employees work in the Center and their task assignment are as follows:

Position Employee (Surname,name, patronymic)
1.                    Director Assist. Prof. Gasimov Ragif Khanbala
2.        Deputy Director Assist. Prof. Isayev Sohrab Zulfugar
Department “Control over the Quality of Teaching”
3.        Head of Department ——-
4.        Specialist Khalilova Garanfil Bakhtiyar
5.        Specialist Aliyeva Aygun Tofig
6.        Specialist Jafarova Leyla Jafar
7.        Specialist Ahmadova Aynur Fazil
Department “Administration of Exams”
8. Head of Department Badalov Tahir Nadir
9.      Deputy Head Musayev Natig Sultan
10.    Senior Specialist Novruzova Gunel Niyazi
12.    Senior Specialist Ramazanova Shirin Javanshir
13.    Senior Specialist Mamiyev Senan Kamran
14.    Specialist Gulmammadova Irada Abaset
15.    Specialist Guliyev Aynura Yusif
16.    Statistic Naghdaliyeva Rahila Nasib
17.    Operator Mammadli Gunay Yusif


Department “Electronic University” 
1.        Head of Department Jabrayilova Kemine Jamaladdin
2.        Senior Specialist Guliyeva Leyla Fikrat
3.        Senior Specialist Huseynova Gumral Subhan
4.        Specialist Aliyeva Konul Safarali
5. Specialist Kerimova Aysel Fakhraddin
6.        Specialist Əliyeva Fatimə Natiq
7.        Specialist Aslanova Banovshe Babek
8.        Specialist Mammadova Saida Yagub
9.        Specialist Mustafayeva Dunya Azeri
10.        Specialist ——


A summary of the main activity of CAMQE within 2016

Strengthening the supervision of the teaching process with modern requirements and interactive methods and its establishment within the requirements of the “Electronic University Model” (Quality Ambassadors);

Establishment of the database of the syllabuses, training facilities, presentations and assessment materials (Electronic University);

Organization of the colloquiums and exams in all the faculties of the university, analysis of the results and preparation of proposals on the improvement of the process within the Autumn and Spring terms of 2015/2016 academic year;

In addition, the application of the “Electronic University Model” was ensured in all the academic buildings of UNEC in 2015/2016 academic year. The Center carried out the objectives set forth to improve the administration of the teaching process. Thus, drawing up the schedules were provided in the “Electronic University Model”, modern training aids were used in the lecture rooms and the relevant trainings to increase the efficiency of the use of new opportunities were organized by the academic staff.

The main activity trends planned for 2016/2017 academic year: (tasks, new initiatives)

  • Development of UNEC Quality Provision Conception and System;
  • Development of UNEC Self- Assessment Report on the basis of Standards and Instructions on the quality Provision in Azerbaijan Higher Education System;
  • Checking out the compliance of the syllabuses, teaching facilities, presentations and assessment materials with modern standards and reparation of proposals related with updating syllabus topics;
  • Activation of additional 11 modules in connection with the Electronic University Model and introduce them to employees and students;
  • Development of proposals about the new methods to carry out the attestation of undergraduate and graduate students’ knowledge and to continue measures in the direction of improving the quality of tests.