Head of Department: Dr. of Econ., Prof. Babayev Alijan Pirijan

 Address: Baku, H.Aliyev str. 135 (II academic building)
Telephone: +(994) 12 564-37-01
e-mail: alican.babayev@unec.edu.az


International Conference held at UNEC: “Political Economy: Modern Problems and Prospects”  (22.12.2015)

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About the Department

The Department of Economic theory (Political economy) has been operating since the establishment of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (Azerbaijan Institute of People’s Economy named after D.Bunyadzada). The current department of “Economic theory” operates as an independent department since 1975. Taking into account the importance of the subject and the problems related to the preparation of economics specialists, the chair of “Political Economy” was divided into two independent departments. At that time, a Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, Corresponding Member of Azerbaijan AS, Prof. A.Alasgarov was appointed Head of the Department.

In the years 1976-1987 Prof. M.Musayev headed the chair. It was led by Prof. A.Akhundov within 1987-1990, in 1990-1996 by Prof. M.Ahmadov. The chair has been called the Department of “Economic theory” since 1993. From 1996 to the present the department is headed by prof. Alijan Pirican oghlu Babayev.

At different times, first Doctor of Economy in Azerbaijan, Corresponding member of Azerbaijan AS, prof. Bakhman Akhundov, famous economist Prof. Hasan Dadashov, former rector of AINE (1955-1959) Assoc. Prof. Shamil Aliyev, famous economist Prof. Alasgar Gasimov, a well-known Professor of scientific editions and advanced ideas Arastun Akhundov, who had played important role in the development of economy in the republic, prof. Yusif Mammadov, Prof. Kara Sadigov, corresponding member of Azerbaijan AS, Prof. Teymur Valiyev, correspondent member of Azerbaijan AS Prof. Agasalim Alasgarov, Prof. Mammadhasan Sultanov and other distinguished scholars had performed scientific and pedagogical activity at the department.

Teaching staff of the department has been preparing manuals and programs. These are. “Economic Theory”, “Improved Program of Economic Theory”, “Theoretical Foundations of Transition Economies”, “Microeconomics”, “Macroeconomics”, “Economic Methodology of Economics”, “History and Methodology of Economic Science” , “Azerbaijan economy”, “Azerbaijan and Eastern economic thought history” courses of 45 pp. In addition, the English-Azerbaijani dictionary of basic economic concepts by P.Samuelson and V.Nordhause’s “Economy” textbook were prepared and published.

One of the most important directions of the scientific activity of the department is the implementation of state budget research work. Scientific-research subjects of the department adequately reflected the economic processes existing in the Republic of Azerbaijan and complemented each other in a logical sequence. 1996-2000 “Theoretical-methodological bases of formation and functioning of economy in transitional period”, 2001-2005: “General norms and features of formation and development of new economic system”, 2006-2010: Modern economic theory: Global trends and national features “has been in the focus of attention. Scientific-research problem of the chair for 2011-2013 is defined in the subject “Transformation of modern market economy system: theory and practice”, which are the logical continuation of previous scientific problems.

Currently, 11 disciplines are taught at the department for undergraduate and graduate education. “Economic theory”, “Methods of economic science research”, “Modern problems of economics science”, “History and methodology of economics science”, “Microeconomics”, “Mega Economy”, “Theoretical bases of transitional economy”, “Azerbaijan economy” The history of economic thought in the East “,” Using the experience of economic reforms in foreign countries in Azerbaijan “,” Economic category and system of laws “.

One of the important components of the department’s scientific work is the development of scientific cooperation with the corresponding departments of foreign universities. The Department of Economic Theory-1 collaborates with the chair of “Political Economy” of the Faculty of Economics, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Q.V. the Department of Economic Theory of the Russian Academy of Economics named after Plekhanov. Textbooks Microeconomics – 1, 2; Economic theory Macroeconomics – 1, 2 recommended by the professors and teachers department of Economic Theory, prepared by the Department of Economic Theory of the Russian Academy of Economics named after GV Plekhanov for the students of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education on economics oriented specialties and directions been translated into Azerbaijani. The professor-teacher staff of the Department of Economic Theory-1 repeatedly makes presentations at scientific forums organized in the republic and abroad. Numerous articles of the staff of the department have been published in the publications of different countries of the world.

The  Academic Staff:

Dr. of Econ., Prof. Babayev Alijan Pirijan  (Head of the department) (0.5)
Dr. of Econ., Prof. 
Bayramov Alican Islam (0.5)
Cand. of Econ., Assoc. Prof. Mammadov Isa Ismayil
Cand. of Econ., Assoc. Prof. Aliyeva Dilshad Ziyad
Cand. of Econ., Assos. Prof. Seyidov Ziyad Miraziz
Cand. of Econ., Assoc. Prof. Khankishiyev  Khankishi  Samad
Cand. of Econ., Assoc. Prof. Yusifov Ogtay Yusif
Cand. of Econ., Assoc. Prof. Mammadov Aydin Bayram
Cand.of Econ., Assoc. Prof. Gurbanova Zumrud Mammad
PhD in Econ., Assoc. Prof. Khankishiyeva Jamala  Khankishi
PhD in Econ., Assoc. Prof. Sardarova Sevda Yusif (0.5)
lector. Valiyeva Tamilla Gulam (0,75)
lector. Abbasova Sevda Ismayil (0.5)