Head of the Department: Dr. of Econ. Sc., Prof. Alirzayev Ali Gambarali

Address: Baku, H.Aliyev str. 135 (II academic building)
Telephone: +(994) 12 564-38-92
e-mail: ali.alirzayev@unec.edu.az

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UNEC students’ mission – Formation of the international image of the capital UNEC (13.03.2018)
UNEC Students will get training in Caucasus Tufandagh Mountain Resort Hotel (20.12.2016)
A Seminar dedicated to the World Tourism Day has been held at UNEC (29.09.2016)
A Conference held at UNEC: “Heydar Aliyev’s Contribution to Azerbaijan Economy”  (10.05.2016)

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About the department

In 1998, the department of “Economics and Management of Social Sphere” was established in connection with the allocation of relevant qualifications of the department “State regulation of economy”.

From 22.10.2018, the department of “Price and   Pricing ” of  UNEC was abolished and its staff was added to the staff table of the department of  “Economics and Management of Social Sphere”.

In order to ensure the implementation of the decision of the UNEC Scientific Council meeting dated 28.02.2019, the name of the department of   “Economics and management of social sphere” was changed from 01.04.2019 and was renamed “Social Development Economics and   Pricing”.

The head of the department  is Professor Ali Gambarali  Alirzayev.

Subjects taught:

  • Economy and Administration of Social Sphere;
  • Public Regulation of Social Development;
  • Economy and Management of Population’s Demand and Consumption;
  • Economy and Management of Health
  • Economy, Organization and Management of Education;
  • Economy and Administration of Residents paid services;
  • Regulation of the Development of Social and Cultural areas;
  • Market conception and Methodology of Social Development;
  • Resource supply and Investment of Socio- cultural fields;
  • Social market economy;
  • Tourism and Service;
  • Role of Entrepreneurship in social area.



Economy and management of social sphere



Fundamentals of Tourism

Lectures on the topics (15 topics)

Lectures on the topics (15 topics)


The Academic Staff:

  • Dr. of Econ., Prof. Alirzayev Ali Gambarali (head of the department) (0.5)
  • Dr. of Econ., Prof. Gasimov Natiq Abulfaz
  • Cand. of Econ., Sc., Assist. Prof. Guluzada Mahmud Mammad (Honorary Professor)
  • Cand. of Econ., Sc., Assist. Prof. Bayramov Gahraman Saleh
  • Cand. of Econ., Sc., Assist. Prof. Sadigov Bulud Jahangir
  • Cand. of Econ., Sc., Assist. Prof. Namazaliyev Akbar Huseyn
  • Cand. of Econ., Sc., Assist. Prof. Gurbanova Farida Ahmad
  • Dr. of Philosophy on Econ., c/t. Mammadov Elshan Gardashkhan
  • Cand. of Econ., Sc., Assist. Prof. Kerimova Tarana İsa (0.5)
  • Cand. of Econ., Sc., Assist. Prof.Mammedov  Alirza Israfil (0.5)
  • Dr. of Philosophy on Econ., S/t. Guliyev Ibrahim Gadim
  • S/t Abdullayeva Esmira Canali
  • S/t Safarov Fidan Mahis
  • S/t Sultanova Naila Idris (075)
  • Dr. of Philosophy on Econ. chief teacher  Karimzade Mehriban Vagif (0.5)
  • chief teacher Kocharli Yalchin Anvar (0.5)
  • teacher Aliyeva Nargiz Amiraslan
  • teacher Kocharli Leyla Rais (0.5)
  • teacher Hasanova Matanat Samik (0.5)



    Kazimli  Khanhuseyn Huseynaga – Dr. of Econ., Prof.