About the Department

The Department of “Consumer Goods Expertise” was formed in September 2015 as a result of the merging of two departments – “Non-food products commodity research and expertise” and “Foodstuff commodity and expertise”. At present, the professor is prof. Ali Hasanov is leading the department.

The Department of “Foodstuff Commodity and Expertise’ was separated from the department of “Commodity Research” in 1967. The development of specialists has been started since the 30s.

The department was led at different times by an Assist. Prof. Nazim Mustafayev (1967-1973), an Assist. Prof. Aliya Karasharli (1973-1983), an Assist. Prof. Ahmed-Jabir Ahmedov (1983-1984; 1989-2001), a Prof. Aliya Karasharli (1984-1989), an Assist. Prof. S.H.Isfandiyarov (2001-2005), an Assist. Prof. A-C. Ahmedov (2005-2015).

The name of the department, which was operating for a long time as “Commodity Research of Foodstuff”, was changed and continued to serve its new mission as the department of “Commodity and expertise of foodstuff”.

Employees of the department made scientific reports at conferences held in Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Mogilyov, Kharkov, Tbilisi, Almaty. 7 employees of the department received certificates of authorship, prepared 4 technological instructions and applied 4 new products in production.

Currently, the department performs training of specialists in two majors:

  •  Commodity Research of Foodstuff;
  • Quality assurance of consumer goods.

There are several laboratories under the department:

  1. Laboratory of Foodstuffs Commodities of Vegetal origin;
  2. Laboratory of foodstuff commodities of animal origin;
  3. Museum cabinet of Foodstuff commodity research;
  4. Laboratory cabinet for graduate students.

The department carries out state budget research on the quality and ecological cleanliness of food products produced by two enterprises of “Azersun” company (“Baku Oil and Food Industry ATSC” and “Caucasian Canned Factory”). At the same time, the students are going through a commodity-technological internship at SUN TEA AZERBAIJAN. The department keeps in touch with production. Research work is underway on production.

Research on “Study of fruit and vegetable canned food, food oils, grain products and fishery products properties in Azerbaijan”, devoted to the problem of “Increasing the value of consumer goods in Azerbaijan offered to citizens” was carried out at the department.

The main subjects taught

  • Theoretical principles of commodity research of food products.
  • Commodity research and examination of grains – flour and confectioneries.
  • Commodity research and examination of fruits, vegetables and tasty products.
  • Commodity research and examination of edible oils, milk and milk products.
  • Commodity research and examination of meat and fish products.
  • Refrigerating technology of food products.
  • General technology of food products.
  • Commodity research and anatomy of foodstuffs.
  • Criminal expertise of food products.
  • Identification and falsification of consumer (food) goods.
  • Coding of consumer (food) goods.
  • Commodity research and examination of food products – general course (Other specialties are also studied).
  • The principles of commodity research– taught in the faculty of commerce.
  • Commodity research on commerce – taught in the faculty of commerce.

Commodity- research and expertise of non-food products“. The chair has been functioning since 1967 on the basis of the Department of “Commodity Research”, with its division in two. In 1967-1976, the chair was headed by the prominent Azerbaijani commodity scientist, Assist. Prof. Soltan Salmanov. In the years of 1976-1985, the department was headed by an Assist. Prof. Javanshir Velimamedov, Professor Ali Panah oglu Hasanov in 1985-1992, Assist. Prof.Nuraddin Hasanov in 1992-1994, Doctor of technical sciences, doc. C.Valimammedov in 1994- 2008 and Doctor of Technical Sciences, Assoc. Prof.S.I Abdullayeva in 2008- 2014.

According to the new specialty approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2009, the department was united with the Department of “Consumer Goods Expertise” and named “Non-food commodity research and expertise”.

Training of Undergraduates and Graduates in 2 specialties are provided in the department: “Non-food commodity research” and “Quality assurance of consumer goods”.

Eleven subjects on undergraduate in “Non-food commodity research” and 12 subjects on “Qualitative expertise of Consumer goods” are taught. Training of graduate students in both specialties is provided here. 6 disciplines are taught at the department in graduate level.


The device, equipment, and visual aids available in the educational laboratories operating under the chair enable the lecture and laboratory classes provided for in the curriculum to be held at a satisfactory level.

In order to improve the quality of teaching, dozens of textbooks, manuals, software and methodical instructions have been prepared and published by the staff of the department.

Teaching staff of the department attracts students of specialized courses to scientific work. Each year, 18-20 students are involved in scientific work and publish their theses in conference materials. Most of these students are continuing their education in the graduate course.

The department is in close relation with the following organizations and enterprises:

  •  Ministry of Economic Development;
  • “Azersun Holding” Joint Stock Company;
  • State Student Admission Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • “Ramana” Open Joint-Stock Company;
  • Open Joint-Stock Company “Alliance”

Students are being trained in production in these organizations, collecting materials on their final work, and combining their theoretical knowledge with practice. Their leading experts are leading the students who have been sent to our practice.

The department has established close relations with some universities of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Among them are Moscow Academy of Economics named after GV Plekhanov, Moscow Cooperative University, Moscow Textile University, Tbilisi and Kutaisi State Universities.


The  Academic Staff: