About department

The discipline of foreign language was taught from the first days of the establishment of our University. Foreign languages were combined in the Department of “Languages” for many years. They performed in the content of the Department of “Foreign Languages” in 1959. After restoration as independent higher education institution of the Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy in 1966, the chair of “Foreign Languages” was established. In 2001, “Foreign languages” chair was divided into two parts. The chair was led by a senior lector S.A.Misirkhanova (1966-1976), an Associate Professor N.A.Alakbarov (1976-1986), an Associate Professor F.D.Alimirzayeva (1987-2000) and Can. of Ph., Assistant Professor N.Nabiyev in different years. The Department is now run by a Dr. of Ph., Professor A.Abbasova.

The languages of English, French, German and Arabic are taught in this chair. The chair staff develops numerous lecture textbooks, auxiliary manuals, recommendations, programs and published them. To improve the teaching of foreign languages, presentations on all topics in English and French were prepared and introduced to the staff.

The Language clubs of English and French were established under the Department. Students who want to improve their business English or French are provided with the opportunity to attend the club, make debates and develop their speaking. Every year, in May, our students participate in the Olympiads held on the occasion of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s birthday among the students of higher education institutions with support of the Ministry of Education and occupy first and second places for several years.

A senior instructor of the Department F.Rahimova’s “English-Azerbaijan Dictionary of Economic Terms” (2001), S.Baghirova’s book on “International Currency” (2002) and the Russian variant of the textbook “English for Businessmen” were translated into Azerbaijani within 2004-2005. Training facility “English” was developed for part-time students by Prof. A.Abbasova, senior lector B.Samadov, teacher G.Maharramova and Prof. A.Abbasova’s “Business English” was published in 2009.

The department is in close relation with many higher education institutions of the Europe and the world. Some teachers had passed professional development at the York University of England and Oxford University Great Britain and were awarded certificates.

There are English and French language clubs at the chair. In addition, chair organizes discussions in different economic topics for students interesting in English and French languages; the oral speech of students is being improved. Our students took part in the competitions among universities organized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dedicated to the anniversary of national leader and held first, second places consistently.

To improve the quality of teaching and get new education materials on economy, the chair of “Foreign languages” cooperates and exchanges the experiences with the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge in Great Britain, the University of York, the University of Montpellier in France, the German University in the Kingdom of Jordan, Moscow Plekhanov State University, Saint- Petersburg Financial- Economic Academy and the Florida University of the US.


The  Academic Staff

  • Dr. of Phil., Prof. Abbasova Afat Musa (Head of the Department)
  • PhD in Phil., Assist. Prof. Samadov Bahruz Adil
  • Associate Professor Alekberzade Seving Tofig
  • Can. of Phil., Assist. Prof. Jabbarova Gulnara Chingiz
  • Can. of Phil., Assist. Prof. Hajiyeva Khaver Dadash
  • PhD in Phil., S/lector Kerimova Shahla Hasan
  • PhD in Phil., Assist. Prof.  Karimova Firuza Rahim
  • PhD in Phil., S/lector Vakilova Aygun Ibrahim
  • Can. of Phil., Assist.Prof. Nabiyev Najaf Huseyn  [Head of Translation Center](0.5)
  • PhD in Phil., S/ lector Abdullayeva Irada Bakir
  • PhD in Phil., S/ lector Abbasova Elnara Mikayil
  • Can. of Phil., S/ lector Taghiyeva Shovket Mustafa
  • senior lector Muradova Aynur Valiaddin
  • PhD in Phil., S/lector Khalilova Aysel Zahid
  • PhD in Phil., S/lector Gasimova Emiliya Vali
  • PhD in Phil., senior lector,  Orujova Sever Arif
  • senior lector Yusubova Zuleykha Farrukh
  • senior lector Aghayev Alifagha Aliagha
  • senior lector Mehdiyeva Saida Sahib
  • senior lector Mustafayeva Gulnara Mukhtar
  • senior lector Mehtiyeva Aynur Nizami
  • Senior lector Ganiyeva Irada Yasin
  • Senior lector Shafiyeva Arzu Mu
  • Senior lector Gadimova Naila Gambar
  • Senior lector Hajiyeva Naila Abbas
  • Senior lector Musayeva Rubaba Oterkhan
  • Senior lector Nasirova Afetkhanim Aghali
  • Senior lector Ismayilova Tarana Vahid
  • Senior lector Mammadova Sabina Tofig
  • Senior lector Aslanov Aydin Mirabbaszade
  • Senior lector Hasanova Aygun Huseynagha
  • senior lector Huseynova Sevinj Aydin
  • senior lectorAlkhasova Chimnaz Atkham
  • senior lector Shukurova Aida Shukur
  • senior lector Akbarova Flora Samandar
  • senior lector Aliyeva Aida Huseyn
  • senior lector Guliyeva Narmina Soltan
  • senior lector Alasgarova Saida Khanlar
  • senior lector Abidi Solmaz Aghazeki
  • senior lector Safarova Rugiyya Fazil
  • senior lector Mammadov Zamira Nadir
  • senior lector Yusifova Seving Sakit
  • lector Mirzayeva Aynur Shirin
  • lector Babayeva Rasmiya Hafiz
  • lector Agahayeva Natavan Fakhraddin
  • lector Kerimova Goncha Akif
  • lector Guliyeva Sevinj Gazanfar
  • lector Manafova Aynura Murad
  • lector Sanani Lala Valid
  • lector Kerimova Shujaet Mushrif
  • PhD in Phil., senior lector,  Panahova Laman Shahin (0.75)
  • lector Abdullayeva Malahat Tarkhan
  • Senior lector Mirhadiyeva Malakhanim Mirsadi (0.75)
  • Senior lector Mukhtarova Zumrud Huseyn (0.75)
  • senior lector Bakikhanova Safura Balakhan (0.75)
  • senior lector Hasanov Fikrat Bayram (0.75)
  • senior lector Guliyeva Nushabe Rasim (0.75)
  • senior lector Dilbazi Kamala Aliakram (0.5)
  • PhD in Phil., Abbasova Yegana Mirzekhan
  • lector Mammadova Esmira Ahmadagha
  • lector Baghirova Sevinj Aghaddin
  • lector Niftaliyeva Zemfira Ismikhan
  • lector Jafarova Irada Iraj
  • lector Zeynalova Saida Bayram
  • lector Babayeva Sevinj Hamlet
  • lector Alaskerova Yegana Ismayil
  • lector Ibrahimova Dilber Mustafa
  • lector Selimova Chimnaz Tapdiq
  • lector Hajiyeva Ayten Mohubbet
  • lector Maharramova Rena Ali
  • lector Agayeva Natella Agali
  • lector Taghiyeva Nubar Shakur
  • lector Ahmadova Ruhiyya Enver
  • lector Nabiyeva Sehraye Mammadkarim
  • lector Teymurova Rasima Shahib
  • PhD in Phil.,  Muradova Nargiz Nazim
  • PhD in Phil.,  lector, Mirzaliyeva Nigar Gazanfar (0.5)
  • lector Gojayeva Konul Nazim (0,5)
  • lector Mammadova Irada Musa
  • lector Huseynova Narmina Nazim (0,5)
  • lector Farhadov Khanlar Movsum