About Department

The department of “Russian language” acted independently as separate department from 1972 at the Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy

Can. of P. Sc., Assist. Prof. A.B.Kazimova (1972-1979), Can. of P. Sc., Assist. Prof. N.H.Abdulzada (1979-1984), Can. of Ph. Sc., Assist., Prof. A.N.Klimova (1984-1988), Can. of Ph. Sc., Assist., Prof. S.M.Allahverdiyeva (1988-1991), Can. of P. Sc., Assist. Prof. S.S.Mirzayev (1991-2001), Can. of P. Sc., Assist. Prof. N.T.Valiyeva (2001-2006) and senior teacher A.T.Hajiyev (2006-2008) managed the department in different periods. Assist. Prof. Rzayeva Gulnara Namig runs the department of “Russian language” since November, 2008 up to date.

Although it is a part of the Faculty of Business Administration, the department is considered to be a universal department, because the disciplines “Russian language” and “Business correspondence” are taught at the I, II courses of the bachelor’s degree at all faculties, as well as in the I course of the Master’s Degree.

The main and essential purpose of the chair of “Russian language” is to increase the quality of the Russian language as a foreign language to the level of modern requirements. To this end, teachers use innovative teaching methods (e.g, silkworm, cluster, brainstorming, decision tree, etc.) and ICT tools in accordance with modern requirements.

Teaching of Russian as a foreign language begins with the alphabet at UNEC, as well as the grammar of this language, the types of speech activities such as spoken, reading, and writing are developed. The course materials, recommendations, programs on subjects taught by the staff of the department have been prepared and published. Employees of the department also translated the textbooks from Russian into Azerbaijani: N.B.Brovkina “Fundamentals of Financial Control”; VA Qalanov – “Marketplace of Securities”; N.M.Sabitova, M.Y.Orlova, CH Shavaleeva “State finances control”.

The club ” «Русское слово» operates under the auspices of the club. In this club, students interested in Russian language are taught discussions on various subjects of Russian economy, and the students’ speech is also being developed. Our students participated in the subject Olympiads in Russia and were awarded with I, II, III degree diplomas.

Teachers of the department participated at international conferences (Kalmyk State University, Turkey), I International Mevlana Teacher Exchange Program.

Research work is carried out by the department in the direction of “Methods of improving Russian language teaching at Azerbaijan State Economic University” («Пути совершенствования обучения русскому языку в Азербайджанском Государственном Экономическом Университете»)

Subjects taught:

“Russian language1”, “Russian Language2″ (Azerbaijani sector)
“Business Correspondence” (Russian sector)



The  Academic Staff:

  • PhD in Ph., Assist. Prof. Rzayeva Gulnara Namig (head of the department)
  • Dr. of P. Sc., Prof. Valiyeva Naila Tofig
  • Can. of Ph. Sc., Assist. Prof. Azadaliyeva Sevinj Jabrayil
  • Can. of P. Sc., Assist. Prof. Aliyeva Nargiz Huseyn
  • Can. of P. Sc., Assist. Prof. Ismayilova Konul Feyruz (0.75)
  • PhD in P. Amirova Aygun Mustafa (0.75)
  • PhD in P., Senior teacher, Hajiıyev Asgar Tahir (0.5)
  • Senior teacher Talibova Chimnaz Huseyn (0.25)
  • Senior teacher, Huseynova Zeynab Aghahasan (0.5)
  • Senior teacher, Vazirova Jala Bashir (0.5)
  • Senior teacher Aliyeva Sevinj Alkhan (0.5)
  • Senior teacher Guliyeva Kamala Rafael (0.5)
  • Senior teacher Mammadova Lala Tofig (0.5)
  • Senior teacher Hasanova Irada Chingiz (0.5)
  • Senior teacher Musayeva Aynur Hatam (0.5)
  • Senior teacher Mammadova Javahirkhanim Fuad (0.5) (Deputy Dean of the Faculty Turkish World of Business Administration)
  • Senior teacher Babayeva Suad Rafig (0.5)
  • Senior teacher Gayibova Sevinj Rafig (0.5)
  • Senior teacher Gafarova Nargiz Aydin (0.5)
  • PhD in Ph., Senior teacher Mustafayeva Maral Ramazan (0.5)
  • Senior Teacher Afandi Leyli Jahangir (0.5)
  • Teacher Aghayeva Saadat Etigad (0.5)
  • Teacher Israfilova Leyla Ahmad (0.5)
  • Teacher Salimova Zamina Hafiz (0.5)*



  • Dr. of P. S. Mirzayev Seyran Salam – consultant – Prof
  • Can. of Ph. Maharramova Svetlana Shamil – consultant – Assist. Prof.
  • S/t.  Efendiyeva Alla Alakbar – cons. (0.5)
  • S/t.  Amirova Elmira Mammad – cons. (0.5)
  • S/t. Huseynova Amalya Amirkhan – cons. (0.5)
  • S/t.  Alasgerova Emilya Sattar – cons. (0.5)