Head of department:  Professor  Aslanov Zabit Yunus oglu  

Address: Baku, M. Mukhtarov, 194 (III academic building)
Telephone: +(994) 12 436-98-72;+(994) 12 594-84-79
e-mail: zabit.aslanov@unec.edu.az


A Seminar held by the Department of “Standardization and Certification” (16.03.2017)
Event held UNEC within the “Health Month” (02.11.2016)

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About department

The department was established in September 1996 within Baku Institute of Commodity Studies and   Commerce. Since 2000, it   has been operating at the Faculty of Commodity Studies of Azerbaijan State   University of Economics (UNEC) and since 2018 at the Faculty of Expertise and Standardization. In 1996-2011 it was headed by Dr.of tech.sc.,prof. N.R.Mammadov, but in 2011 by Dr.of tech.sc.,prof.  Z.Y.Aslanov. There is an academic staff of 12 people and a professor-consultant. 2 of them are professors, 4 are associate professors, 3 are senior lecturers, 3 are lecturers. The department also has 4 senior laboratory assistants. At present the department prepares bachelors and masters in “Metrology, standardization and certification engineering”. Masters are trained in two specialties: “Standardization and Certification” and “Metrology  and metrological provision ”.

In order to improve the quality of education,   the department has developed a number of educational -methodical works and monographs that meet modern requirements. The department staff made and published 8 textbooks, 13 manuals, 9 methodical instructions, 9 monographs, 2 manuals translated from Russian, syllabuses of the subjects taught for 2017-2019. During this period many scientific articles and conference theses   were prepared and published by the department staff.

In connection with the transition to the Bologna education system, curricula for both above mentioned specialties have been revised. According to these plans, 27 subjects, on bachelor degree in “Metrology, Standardization and Certification Engineering”, 15 subjects  at master’s level are taught at the department. Educational materials (lecture texts, tests, seminars and other materials) have been developed and used in the teaching process in all subjects related to the implementation of EDUMAN system at the university.

According to the educational process at the department there is a laboratory on the subject “Measurement Technique”. There are a number of devices, tools and equipment in this lab. Here students are taking lab classes.

The department took II place in 2015/2016, III place in 2016/2017, II place in 2017/2018, and according to the results of the academic year 2018/2019 I place in the ranking of University chairs. At that time, three or four teachers of the department were in the top thirty for their service activities.

The staff  of the department are actively involved in research activities. At the department in 2017-2019, the state budgetary research work was on the topic: “Examination of certification assurance of improving the quality of light industry products”. The main goal here is to improve the quality of light and food industry products manufactured in the republic, to improve the metrology, standardization and certification methods in the management of the quality of these products.

As a research object factors affecting linear dimensions of the fragments, methods of their evaluation, certification systems for light industry products, quality systems certification have been adopted. Objectives are to improve the quality of light industry products using the benefits of certification based on the research of certification systems, quality systems certification, the activities of certification bodies and testing laboratories, methods of assessing physical and mechanical properties of products in textile enterprises.

Scientific and methodological seminars are held at the department. Each year, the reports of 2 lecturers are   heard   at seminars. These reports mainly focus on issues of standardization, certification, metrology and metrological provision on the international and regional levels. These seminars are of great importance for the full development of department staff in the field of standardization, certification and metrology.

The academic staff of the department through the Student Scientific Society attracts students of specialty courses to scientific work. Every year, 10-15 students participate in research. They make speeches at the relevant scientific conferences of the University and publish their thesis in conference proceedings. Most of these students continue their education at the master’s degree.


The department has established relations with   the State Agency for Antimonopoly and Consumer Market Supervision of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Baku Sewing House” Open Joint Stock Company, “Sarar” JSC, “Shirin” OJSC and “Barama” OJSC, Institute of Standardization, Metrology Institute. The department also maintains close relations with several universities of the Republic and foreign countries.  Among them are: Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan Technological University, Azerbaijan Cooperative University, Turkey Demirel University, Russian State University of Kostroma Technology, Telavi State University of Georgia, Moscow State University, Tashkent Textile and Light Industry University. The staff of the department cooperates with the relevant departments of these universities. They have jointly prepared scientific articles, syllabus, methodical instructions.


Professional and teaching staff:


Doctor in Technical Sciences,Mammadov Nariman Rahim professor-consultant

Subjects studied:

Principles of standardization
Principles of metrology
Linear, angle and mechanical metrology
Principles of certification
Quality systems
International standardization and certification
Test and test equipments
Qualimetry and quality management
Automated measurement
Power measurement
In-process metering-1
In-process metering-2
Standardization and certification
Metrology, standardization and və certification
Principles of mutual substitution
Patent science
Standardization and certification of light industry products
Applied metrology-1
Applied metrology-2

Standardization and certification – “General economics”, “Technology and design” və “Information science and management faculties are studied