Head of the Department: Cand. in. Econ., Assisstant Professor: Teymurova Vusala Eybulla (on a public basis)

Address: 6 Istiglaliyyat Str., Baku (1st building)
Telephone: +(994) 12 492-65-20
e-mail: s.yagubov@unec.edu.az


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 About the Department

In the 30s of the XX century, the specialty of Statistics functioned in the department of “General Finance”, since 1949 independent department of “Statistics” was established.

From 1949-1959 to the department of “Statistics” was run by a Can. of Econ. Grigori Isakovic Goncharsky. At different times, famous economist scientists such as Alibey Sultanov, Alakbar Guliyev, Shirzad Safarov, Hajibaba Ramazanov, Soltan Alekperov, Ali Kazimov, Nagi Nagizadeh, Said Agamirzayev were engaged in the teaching of the department. They basically laid the foundation for statistical work in the republic.

After the AINE was included into the content of ASU in 1959, the specialty “Statistics” was merged with the Department of “Planning and Economy of the National Economy”. In 1964, “Statistics” was reorganized into a separate chair and in 1966 it continued its activities at AINE.

At different periods of time, the Department was headed by Prof. S.M.Hajiyev (1964-1969), Assist. Prof. G.H.Mammadov (1969-1974), Assist. Prof. R.S.Seyidov (1974-1979), Assist. Prof. O.I.Ibrahimov (1977-1988), Assist. Prof. R.S.Mammadov (1988-1993), Assist. Prof. S.J.Aliyev (1994-2000).

Since 2000, doctor of economic sciences, Professor S.M.Yaqubov LEADS THE Department.

Under the initiative of the department, the National Accounts System has been established at the university and the bachelor’s and master’s degrees are prepared for this specialty.

Formation of the statistical school in Azerbaijan, theoretical and methodological and practical aspects of the statistics were formed in accordance with the requirements of the planned economy in the Soviet period. After gaining independence, radical changes in the socio-economic life of Azerbaijan made it necessary to adapt the statistics to international standards. Therefore, 4 decrees have been signed by the President of the country regarding the transfer of statistics to the international standards.

At present, state statistical Institutes and the Department of Statistics, which is the only one in our country, are building their work on the basis of international standards of Azerbaijan’s statistical service.

Formation of the country’s economy on the basis of market principles necessitated the implementation of complex measures before the statistical service. To this end, the concept of strengthening the statistical system in the Republic of Azerbaijan was developed. On February 18, 1994 the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Official Statistics was adopted and the Statute of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan was approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 24 June 2009. The goal here is to provide public authorities, social and economic entities, academic circles, public and international organizations and other consumers with honest and high-quality (representative) information on the state of economic, demographic, social and environmental spheres.

The concept of the department of “Statistics” covers the following priority areas based on these principles:

1. Participation of the Department of “Statistics” in theoretical and methodological and practical aspects of forming a modern model of the State Statistical Service in Azerbaijan;

2. Preparation of capable economist-statistical staff for implementation of the tasks assigned to strengthen the statistical system in the country;

3. Scientific-research works of the department “Statistics” – study of theoretical-methodical questions of formation of NAS in connection with harmonization of statistical service with international standards.



The introduction of international standards in the teaching process and the necessary educational and methodical resources for it have been developed nationally by the faculty of the Department of Statistics. These funds have been reflected in the conceptual framework of bringing the statistical service to international standards. Curricula on “International Statistics”, “National Accounts System” and large-scale textbooks have been published. Educational programs, methodical aids and textbooks prepared by the department “Statistics” are used in all state and private higher and secondary specialized schools of the republic.

Scientific-research work on 6 directions was carried out by the staff of the department on theoretical and methodological and practical issues of improvement of statistics and adaptation to international standards at the request of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, along with the state budgeted scientific research conducted annually.

The chair continued the writing and printing of textbooks, textbooks and other teaching and methodical works in accordance with the requirements of modern times. Two manuals by the collective of the chair – S.M.Hajiyev “General theory of statistics”, Baku, 2005; S.Yakubov, A.J.Mammadov “Socio-economic statistics”, Baku, 2010, as well as 8 textbooks, 2 monographs and a large number of program and methodical instructions were published.



Main subjects taught:

  • Statistics
  • Theory of Statistics
  • Social-economic statistics
  • Statistics of enterprises
  • Statistics of population
  • National Accounts System
  • Finance-banking Statistics
  • Statistics of goods and services market
  • Social statistics
  • Multidimensional statistics means


The  Academic Staff:

  • Cand. in. Econ., Assisstant Professor: Teymurova Vusala Eybulla (Head of the Depart.)(on a public basis)
    Dr of Econ., Prof. Yaqubov Sakit Mammad  [Vice Rector for Science and Innovation]

    * Dr of Econ.,Prof.Sadigov Shahin Mustafa
    * Cand. of Econ., Assist. Prof. Aliyev Ali Imash
    * Cand. of Econ., Assist. Prof. Jabbarova Aynur Imran
    * Cand.of Econ.,  Assist. Prof. Aliyev Alkhan Humbat
    *  Cand. of Econ., Assist. Prof. Mammadov Mammad İbrahim
    * Cand. of Econ., Assist. Prof. Dunyamaliyeva Vafa Rashid
    * Cand. of Econ., Assist. Prof. Huseynli Ilham Gasham
    * PhD in Technical Sciences, Assist. Prof. Shabanov Sardar Ahmadiyya
    * PhD in Econ., Assist. Prof. Yusifov Yusif Khasay (0.5)
    * PhD in Econ., S/t. Hasanova Afat Mammadali
    * S/t. Samedov Bahruz Yagub
    * lector. Muradova Khalida Firdovsi
    * lector. Babayeva Gulnara Aghamusa
    * lector., Abdullayeva Samira Intigam
    * lector., Rustamov Elnur Shahismayil (0.5)

    * Assist. Huseynova Leyla Nizamaddin
    * Teacher Huseynzade Gigek Genghis (0.5)