Information about the Technology transfer centre

The continuation of economic growth of the Republic of Azerbaijan depends on the conducting technological innovation policy in the country. From this point of view, the government of Azerbaijan carries out several measures for stimulating technology business and creating necessary condition for technology market. Currently, the draft Law on the “Innovation Activity” is being considered at the Cabinet of Ministers.

For formulating innovative economy in the country, it is necessary to stimulate the expansion of connections and cooperation among the producers of knowledge, knowledge transfer agents and knowledge users.

Universities have an essential role in the creation of new knowledge, transforming knowledge into new technology and in the search of applying spheres. Joint actions among University-industry-state become essential in the development of technology and knowledge in modern world.

At the end of the 20thcentury and at the beginning of 21st century due to emerging knowledge society in the social dictionaries, the concept of “ Innovative University” appeared. Universities can contribute to the creation of innovation society by developing three elements (education, research and innovation) in the sphere of knowledge transfer, establishing integration among them, as well preparation of talented people and putting investment to the development. The concept of “Knowledge transfer” reflects more broad meaning of “technology transfer” used in the decade of the 21st century. The main problem faced by research workers and scholars of the University is getting the appropriate patent and delivering it to the business bodies (in industrial and service sector). “Technology transfer center” was established in order to eliminate this difficulty and enhance the efficient activity in our University.

Technology transfer centers are considered as advisory and commercialization organization and universities expand their activity internally, regional and over the country. The establishment of such kind of center inside UNEC for the first time in Azerbaijan will play an essential role in the development of country’s technological infrastructure and increasing global competitiveness.

The main goal of establishment Technology Transfer Centre is the development of innovation activity of UNEC and other universities, establishment of mutual relations between university and business bodies and ensuring transfer of results achieved from scientific-research works conducted by the university employees. It is planned to create relations with global business atmosphere of TTC in order contribute to the innovational development of economy through attracting modern technology and knowledge to Azerbaijan.

The activity of Technology Transfer Center of UNEC will be improved in two directions: Inside University and on the country’s level.

TTC will implement the activation of intellectual creative activity by university staff, evaluation and legal protection of mental activity, including consulting, patent and support to patent research works; ensuring transfer of knowledge and technology among universities of the country and legal clearance (licensing agreements etc), staff training for scientific-technological entrepreneurship activity and requalification, also will carry out other duties.

Until July 2018, Aydin Huseynov headed Technology Transfer Center.

Noting several business-oriented activity of the established Centre:

  • Studying internal and external technology transfer market of the country;
  • Selection of innovation technologies (projects) with commercializing perspective, establishment and usage of project database;
  • Preparing proposals for financing TTCs, attracting interested parties and investments from other resources;
  • The management of innovations, as well promoting results of innovative projects and working out training package on their commercializing and organizing training for this projects.

The following activity spheres can be emphasized:

  • Consulting services for TTC activity sphere;
  • Introduction of new technologies and innovations or investors and companies (conferences/ exhibitions);
  • Training and requalification of staff for scientific-technological inventions.

For transferring newly established Technology Transfer Centre of UNEC into Interuniversity or Regional Centre, the business strategy will be prepared with the support of international experts in close future.


Technology Transfer Centre has began teaching “Inventive basics and patents” course for university teachers and employees from the 4th April. Classes are taught by the specialist, associate professor Nuraddin Babirli.

The aim of this course is delivering the methodology of inventing and patent work to Unversity’s teachers, thus providing assistance for solution of technical problems on invention level and for proper clearance of patent applications.

Now, there is a teaching group consisting of university teachers and employees, and the mentioned training has already began. The organization of such kind of training for our students is considered for the next stage.

Materials reflecting the content of the lessons are placed at the TTC ‘s web-page.