UNEC Graduates will make unprecedented contributions to Azerbaijan’s economy

30 JUNE 2017 | VIEWS:

The Graduation Day held at UNEC

The event started with the National Anthem. Then the graduates were conducted the conditional “last lesson”. The teacher checked the faculties’ attendance on the electronic register.

UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov congratulated all the students who become graduates from the electronic stand installed in the “lecture room” Emphasizing that the education is growing as a result of the successful policy conducted by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Rector brought to attention that Azerbaijani students have become an active and integral part of the society. Rector called it proud that UNEC students participate in the competitions of knowledge and sports, voluntary movement and in the protection of the country.

Rector, who wished the young people success in their careers, recommended them to love the major they have chosen. Completing his speech with the Great Leader Heydar Alioyev’s words “Every Azerbaijani should think about the present and future of Azerbaijan most of all”, A.Muradov urged UNEC graduates to keep Azerbaijan alive and develop it.

Expressing satisfaction of the invitation to the higher education institution he studied 45 years ago, the President of the National Confederation of Azerbaijan Republic’s Recruiters’ Organizations Mammad Musayev spoke about his student years. Noting that he follows UNEC’s latest achievements, relations with the world’s prestigious universities and its position in the international rating lists with great interest, M.Musayev highlighted our county always in need for educated and skilled economists. He expressed confidence for UNEC graduates that will make unprecedented contributions to Azerbaijan’s economy.

According to the tradition of the University, the name of Aida Hasanova who graduates from UNEC with the highest points (98.6) was embedded to UNEC’s honorary stone.  A.Hasanova who graduates from the International School of Economics spoke about the advantages of becoming UNEC student. She said all the necessary conditions have been created at UNEC to provide the students with the higher education that meet the international requirements. Including her name in the history of the university, A.Hasanova expressed proud that she is UNEC’s alumnus.

Reminding on that the graduates with higher points have a chance to work at UNEC, Rector A.Muradov suggested A.Hasanova to start her career at the native university.

UNEC’s flag was brought to the stage and the graduates had ceremonially sworn. The traditional “hat throwing” ceremony was accompanied by the fireworks. The “Graduation Day” went on with a concert program performed by the members of UNEC’s Creativity Center.

Note: 4378 graduates complete their studies at UNEC in 2016/2017 academic year. 3199 of them are Bachelors and 1179 are Masters. 

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