Backing out in a grocery store parking lot

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2 points submitted 5 hours agoI know others have mentioned it on this thread, but volunteering and helping others works wonders. Whenever I going thru a tough time, or having a terrible day, Ive always found that trying to do something to canada goose coats help Canada Goose Outlet someone else, always brings a bit of happiness to myself(Not that I been though anything close to what you have). Also, there are tons of hypoallergenic dogs out there as well! Me and my wife both have one, since she is highly allergic as well. When I got out of the Marines and had crippling panic attacks buy canada goose jacket cheap and anxiety, getting a shelter dog was the absolute best thing for me. At a time when I had no will to live, he gave me one. He still my best friend to this day.I know you said you have somewhere to go for thanksgiving, but if you just feel like having someone to have coffee or a bite to eat with, I know my wife and I would be there in a heartbeat. Or if you canada goose black friday sale just need to vent and have someone tell you that you fucking matter, again, one if not both of us can meet you. Just name the time and place. Being around someone is what you need right now, at least from my times battling depression, thats what I know buy canada goose jacket I needed. You have to keep your chin up, and just take things one day at a time. Every day is a battle, that you have to take on one day at a time.If not us, please reach out to someone. No canada goose outlet one deserves to be alone at this time of the year. Let alone someone that has just lost a parent.I have two accidents with my car in two days. One my fault. I got distracted for a second. The only damage to the other person car is a couple scratches on his paint on the back bumper and a scuff on a chrome strip. Had I a can of metal polish with me, I taken that off his chrome.The second one was yesterday. Backing out in a grocery store parking lot, a women hits my car as we are both backing out wants to not involve insurance. I insist on it. Both incidents do not involve the police.And that isn everything. There one more thing too but I not sure about it. But the anxiety over it is killing me.Very_lost_in_Houston 9 points submitted 1 month agoFake News??? Is that all you have? Started by the focata putz in the White House to try and delegitimize the press who critical of him as well as every president before him. At least those presidents (of either party) were adult enough to take bad press or try to put it in their favor. Trump has had crappy press in NYC for many years, long Canada Goose Parka before he was elected. You scream fake press as a mantra for your religion of Trump.That isn the issue issue. Please put that in in your colon, you know, where that accusation came from to begin with.Beto winning or losing isn the issue here. Care to explain how you can pass garbage like this by and shrug it off becuse you don like this candidate. How morally bankrupt are you?This kind of nonsense isn acceptable no matter what political affiliation. I know casual racism might be okay in your book apparently, but not for a majority of the rest of us.BottledUp 2 points submitted 1 month agoI had a breakdown a few weeks back. I sent kind of a goodbye message to everybody I thought would be canada goose clearance interested in it. It was interesting, while extremely stressing. Some said something Canada Goose online like “OK”. Some said “What the fuck are you talking about” and others were like “Dude, whatever you planning, before you do that, come around to my place and we go and have some pints and talks”. There are people in your life that you didn think canada goose clearance sale they care. I went to bed (passed out drunk) after sending that message to several people and got a good talking to from a girl that told me she was crying and Canada Goose sale panicking all day because she thought I was dead. I never thought that anything like that would happen.Fuck anybody that would be any bad towards you after you tell them that you suicidal.Very_lost_in_Houston 1 point submitted 1 month agoYes, he didn pay taxes, you forget, he later did pay taxes (publishing an album especially for that, I even remember seeing the ads for it on TV I think it was called the “IRS album”) got canada goose everything cleared with the government when he paid up.When celebrities don pay taxes, it not always due to not wanting to pay them. Sometimes it bad accounting, bad business management, taking very, very bad financial advice, getting screwed over by accountants (ie: embezzlement) or falling for bullshit conspiracy theories about governments and money (Re: Wesley Snipes).Please don tell me that ANYONE in this state actually thought that Willie Nelson Canada Goose Jackets wasn a progressive liberal/libertarian. He been that a for a very long time. He gone the Libertarian route since he after legal weed. I can barely forgive him for endorsing that fraud Ron Paul as it is.Note: Edited for elaboration, grammer spelling.Very_lost_in_Houston 3 points submitted 1 month agoIs every Republican on Reddit a sockpuppet? No. I still think you a canadian goose jacket sockpuppet/troll. The stats on your account make you look like it.You acting like a self righteous self centered Republican isn the point. You deflecting.So far every republican/libertarian philosophy financially I seen boils down to “f k you I got mine, f k canada goose deals you I keeping mine” to date I seen little deviation. They tend to only think about themselves little beyond that. They all bitch about taxes unless it benefits them (that goes for a lot of other things too, locally internationally).Taxes also pay for roads (we have a LOT less terrible roads if we actually paid for them to be fixed, I not talking freeway, I talking street level go to a city outside of Houston like in other states, sometime you be surprised), police, firemen, teachers (you might not like paying taxes for this one either but all of us benefit from an educated populace you get engineers, doctors scientists that way), disaster relief (repairing damage after hurricanes, fixing our drainage issues, not allowing construction in floodplains despite what contactors paying donations to politicians happen to want, etc. al).Those taxes you hate, pay for more than you think.Want better accountability for tax spending give power to the GSA others to keep an eye on spending.You want to get more out of those taxes or pay less let do fewer of the bullshit wars we tend to get into (Democrats Republicans are equally guilty here) those are way more expensive than anything else this country cheap Canada Goose does, look at the defense budget sometime. It currently 54% of all discretionary government spending. I could see a good bit of the 54% going elsewhere. infrastructure maybe.

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