Director of the department:  Associate Professor Rzayeva Gulnara Namik

Contact phone: +(994) 12 441-65-14

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About the Department 

 Department of “Organization of Teaching of  General Disciplines” was established on 03.02.2020 taking into account the need to improve management in the UNEC teaching process on the establishment the department of Organization of Teaching General Disciplines according to regulations approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan № 793 dated 10.11.1997 and 3.1.23 clause of the UNEC Charter in order to ensure the implementation of the Decision of the Scientific Council No. 169 dat, 2019.

The departments of “Foreign Languages”, “Civil Defense”, “Azerbaijani Language”, “Russian Language” and “Humanities”, teaching non-specialized subjects have been excluded from the subordination of   faculties and have been subordinated to the Department of Organization of Teaching of General  Disciplines since 03.02.2020.

Rzayeva Gulnara Namik  – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor. Acting Head of the Russian Language Department From 03.02.2020 she was appointed Director of the Department of Organization of General Disciplines.



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