DSC_2393-001Director of the International Master’s and Doctorate Center, PhD in Econ., Assist. Prof.Ahmadov Fariz Saleh

Address: room 102, academic building No4, 45 a, A.Sahhat, Baku city
Phone:  012 440 66 32
e-mail: f.ahmadov@unec.edu.az

Assist. Prof. Ahmadov Fariz Saleh  was born on April 5, 1983 in Ganja. He received his bachelor degree in 1999-2003 at Azerbaijan State University of Economics at the Faculty of Turkish World of Business Administration and master’s degree at Sakarya University, Turkey, in 2003-2005. From 2006 to 2010, he got his doctoral degree in business administration and organization from Sakarya University, Institute of Social Sciences, Turkey.  During his doctoral studies, he has worked at the Institute of Social Sciences as a specialist on a public basis. In 2010 he defended his thesis on “Azerbaijan’s national competitiveness: “Matrix of TOWS and a diamond model analysis” and has been awarded the title of PhD in Economic Sciences (Diploma was approved by HAC). He began his career in 2010 as a lecturer at the faculty of Turkish World of Business Administration of Azerbaijan State University Economics, then as a senior lecturer and deputy head of the department. From 2014 to 2017 he was the head of the department of “Economics and Administration”. In 2016, he was awarded the title of “Associate Professor” by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan . In 2016 he has been  the winner of the “Scholar of 2016″ and “Young Scientist of 2016″ awards as part of the grant competition “The most deserving scientist – M.D.S” held by the Science Development Fund (EIF) under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2016. He has published   articles in scientific journals and in scientific conferences of many countries of the world.

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From 1999 to the present day he has participated in more than 60 international, about 30 local certified seminars on different topics, scientific conferences, training courses, student forums and summer universities of different countries (USA, England Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, European, African and Post-Soviet countries) . He has served as researcher and coordinator in many local and international projects. F. Ahmadov is a member and chairman of the scientific and organizational committee of many prestigious scientific conferences and scientific journals around the world. He teaches “Strategic Management”, “Micro Economics”, “Research Methods”, “Global Economy”, “Business fundamentals”. “. He is the author of a textbook, a training aid and five syllabuses. Since 2016, he has been the director of the” International Center for Master’s and Doctoral Studies” and a member of the senior academic council of the university.

Married. He has two children

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