mailrusigimg_FQhPsKLvHistory and appointment

Mastership training   started on September 1, 1997 at our university. Initially, the master’s preparation was carried out by the new Magistrate Department. In 2001 the faculty of master was established on the basis of the department. To further improve the Master’s degree, as well as to strengthen the process of preparation of highly skilled specialists   possessing different knowledge, capable of carrying   out reforms in various fields of the country’s economy in strong competition condition of nowadays, to accelerate the integration of masters education into the European Credit System the master training centre was established from January 27, 2005. At present, this institution is called the Master Center. At the master centre about 350 master students   preparing and conducting research on master’s degrees in various fields of economy study in Technical and Technological Sciences.

Conducting dissertation work

  In parallel with the educational process, masters work on the dissertation by specialty chairs under the scientific leadership of the university and the most experienced scientists or specialists of the university starting from the first term, and at the end of the fourth term, they are awarded a Master’s degree after defense in specialized scientific councils.

Rules of admission

Admission to the Master Centre of the University is carried out by the State Examination Center and the admission rules are published annually in “Master student” magazine published by the institution mentioned. According to the defined rules, graduate bachelors who wish to study at the master’s level take exams on foreign language, logic, informatics at the first stage, but at the second stage on the specialty subject with the test method.

Registration and re-registration

Master students who have successfully completed their admissions exams and who are eligible to study at the university’s masters must register at the University during the period announced by the State Examination Center. During the registration process, the required documents must be submitted to the Admissions Office. Masters gives the right to postpone military service. Those who want to serve military service on a voluntary basis will have to refrain from training for one year, and after the military service, they should send the relevant certificate to the military unit. On the basis of this certificate, those masters are granted academic respite during their military service. Upon returning from military service, masters have to submit their relevant documents (military service certificate) to the military department of the university and re-register them.


Our team:

Specialist of the center:

Hajiyeva Khayala Nizami


Tagiyeva Ilaha Farhad


Nadirova Matanat Omar

Malikova Irada Ahmad

Osmanova Gunay Ziyaddin


Academic year

In the Masters Center, the academic year consists of fall and summer terms consisting of 15 week weeks in full time education. Autumn term covers September-January, and spring term covers February-June. Master students participate in 4 terms. Lessons in the IV term are not envisaged – they are given free time to complete their research, scientific and pedagogical practice and dissertation work.

Academic potential

Technical and Technological Departments of our University, as well as Humanities, Management, Economic Theory and Foreign Language departments are involved to the masters training at the masters centre. Lessons are conducted by experienced professors and associate professors, as well as by the well-known, influential and leading specialists of   different   ministries, committees, private enterprises and organizations.



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