Director: Nabiyev Najaf Huseyn

Contact phone:  +(994) 12 440-80-76

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About the Center

The Translation Center is an establishment to improve the teaching at Azerbaijan State University of Economics, to provide it with new economic literature to meet the requirements of modern time, to support the projects that will serve to the development of science, education, culture and different fields of economy.

Directions of the Center:

To organize the translation of textbooks and training facilities in Economy from the English, French, German, Russian and other languages into our native with the aim to further enrichment of teaching at UNEC;

To build ties with other structural units of UNEC and to implement projects that will serve to their development;

To support the science, education, culture and various areas of economy and to realize projects that will serve to the development of these fields.

The Objectives:

The translation of economic textbooks and lesson materials taught at the leading universities of the globe from English, French, German, Russian and other languages into Azerbaijani and to provide our teaching and student staffs with economic literature that meet the up-to-date requirements.

To compile dictionaries of economic terms in English, Azerbaijani and other two- language types and publish them;

To draw up English-Azerbaijani phrasebooks for the teaching and student staffs of the university and other manuals that will ensure the development of oral speech;

To organize the translation of letters received in foreign languages and sent to;

To organize the translation service of overseas guests of the university;

To provide the university employees with the translation service during their participation in the international events held abroad and in the country;

To manage the translation of university’s site into English, Russian and other languages if necessary;

To translate the university employees’ scientific works into English, Russian and other languages and their placement in the site;

To develop the Center’s activities program;

The Center’s rights:

To prepare proposals, programs, plans and events in accordance with the activity directions of the center and make proposals to implement them;

To draw up textbooks and teaching manuals related with the translation theory and teaching foreign languages, to approve them and provide their publishing;

To arrange different conferences in the field of translation;

Make appropriate comments, analyze and summarize the direction of action, prepare analytical materials and make suggestions;

Cooperate with relevant international organizations, related organizations of foreign countries, to study international practices in line with their activities.


The Translation Center established at UNEC  (05.10.2016)


The Employees of the Center: