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Applicants who scored over 600 points visit UNEC (18.07.2017)

UNEC included Azerbaijan’s name in the History of the World Science Competition “Science Slam” (04.05.2017)
Applicants choose UNEC (21.04.2017)
UNEC’s International Students watch the “Shot Monuments” (18.04.2017)
UNEC’s International Students visit Samad Vurgun’s Home-museum (31.03.2017)
UNEC Students are on the Way to Success- how to build a “personal PR” (18.04.2017)
The World Universities’ Ranking UniRank: UNEC is First (03.04.2017)

Employee of the site follows the exams (19.01.2017)
The Employees of has been entrusted UNEC “Headquarter” (17.01.2017)
The CBC TV’s Staff follows the course of exams (16.01.2017)
Head of “Ata Holding’s” Department followed the progress of exams (12.01.2017)
“Azerbaijan Teacher” controls the exams (12.01.2017)
Employee of the IIA Sputnik is on the “Hotline” (10.01.2017)
Editor- in- chief receives Students’ Appeals (06.01.2017)
Journalist responded students’ questions (29.12.2016)

UNEC Students on the Front Line with Soldiers (08.11.2016)
Video: “Azerbaijan’s state independence is eternal, indestructible and irreversible” (18.10.2016)
UNEC is represented in the X International Education Exhibition (07.10.2016)
An “Orientation Day” was held at UNEC (14.09.2016)

The Graduation Day held at UNEC (30.06.2016)
UNEC introduces a Mobile- application Program (27.05.2016)
The new Project of UNEC: “Reading Time” (05.05.2016)
Physically Impaired Children become acquainted with UNEC’s Education Opportunities (18.03.2016)
Novruz at UNEC: Competition, racing (17.03.2016)
UNEC is the brand of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (15.03.2016)

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The Overseas Student became the Winner of the Competition “UNEC’s Khojali Outreach” (23.02.2016)
The first visit to the University: Pupils become familiar with UNEC  (27.01.2016)
The Rector appeared before the public on Radio UNEC (24.01.2016)
UNEC Employee was awarded “Education Key” (29.12.2015)
UNEC Teacher has become a member of the Association of International Social Marketing (09.12.2015)
New Project of Radio UNEC: Ways to succeed in Business (18.11.2015)
“Radio UNEC” launches new project (23.10.2015)
The new Site of Azerbaijan State University of Economics: UNEC.EDU.AZ (25.05.2015)

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About the Department

The Marketing and Communication Department includes several sections.

Public Relations Department. The Department implements the establishment and regulation of relations with media in the direction of the activity of higher education institutions and public awareness. Monitoring of activities such as press conferences, briefings, receptions, press as well as the information published or disseminated by local and foreign media on the activities of the university, and arrangement of meetings, conferences and symposiums planned by the University management and other structures. Organization of cultural events, increasing the promotion and reputation of the University and series of activities are also included in the authority of the organizational unit. In addition, the Department is developing the information for the official website of the University.

Creativity Center. The Creativity Center is carrying out the activity under the Department. The Creativity Center helps to organize students’ spare time efficiently, as well as implements the artistic part of the internal and external events of the higher education institution.

6 circles are performing in the content of the Center:

  • Dance circle
  • Painting circle
  • Theater circle
  • Vocal circle
  • Instrumental performance circle
  • History circle

The Center involves the talented and enthusiastic students of the university to circles and organizes the regular training of the young people. The center provides the university students with the information about the activities of the circles, involves them to these circles, realizes the literary and artistic events, stages the plays by the students, creates and improves the dance ensemble consisting of the students, creates the amateur music group, artist group, presenter and singer groups of the university students. The Center is organizing art galleries by the students’ handworks and concerts and artistic programs by them.

UNEC’s Official Webpage. The presentation of the new official page of the university- has taken place being realized next innovative steps at Azerbaijan State University of Economics in May 2015. Presentation of the official webpage which meet modern requirements, improved and enriched with new facilities was made within the rebranding framework. The new abbreviation of the University of Economy (UNEC) is reflected in the domain address of the site. New web-design components are used to make the site easy to search any information for. The latest innovations in terms of hardware and software are applied on the site presented in three languages.

Safety factor is fully ensured by HTML5, jQuery, Cross Browser technologies and CMS platform. “Webometrics” requirements are based on for the University official webpage to be included on the world ranking.

Online-library, online-test, e-appeal are available on the site beside the information about the structural departments of the university. IOS and Android platforms for mobiles will also be presented to users recently.

Radio UNEC. Started to perform since 2015. Radio UNEC helps to spend students’ leisure time efficiently and keeps them informed. It possible to get the information about the innovations and other events happened at the university on Radio UNEC.

The main program creators of UNEC are students. To obtain the information about the economic innovations every two hours, interesting projects attended by our students and teaching staff and to become the participants of the entertaining quizzes are available at Radio UNEC. It is also possible to listen to the enjoyable music on the radio within a day.

“Hotline” service. “Hotline” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics has started to operate on May 12 2014. The main purpose in establishing “Hotline” is to provide the transparency in teaching process. It is possible to ask questions about the university and tell complaints and suggestions dialing 146-1-3 by “Hotline”. Incoming calls are answered promptly, investigated and directed to the relevant structures.

Newspaper “Igtisadchi”. The newspaper “Igtisadchi” was established as the organization of the Institute of the National Economy named after D.Bunyadzade (current Azerbaijan State University of Economics) in 1970 and the first volume was published on January 28 of the same year. The newspaper has won the sympathy of the professor-teaching staff and the students as well with its rich content, objectivity since the beginning of its establishment. Newspaper took active part in all events of our university within the years of its activity and published broad materials about these events. The newspaper has taken active part in all events held at the university and published extensive materials about these events within the years of its performance. Newspaper “Igtisadchi” plays the special role in the administration of the students’ welfare and spare time, formation of ideological and educational work at the university. Accordingly articles about student life, student trade union and student board of governors’ club activities, military patriotism, university’s sport life, club for fun and quick-witted, competitions of knowledge, cultural-mass events and etc. have carries out educational character.