Head of department: Elnara Mammadova

Address: Baku, Istiglaliyet, 6 (I building, room 203)
Phone: +(994) 12 492-60-43

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Public Relations Department

The Department implements the establishment and regulation of relations with Mass Media in the direction of the activity of higher education institutions and public awareness. Organization of the press conferences, briefings, receptions and delivering the information on the broadcast activities about the university to the university employees are included into the activities of the department.

Monitoring of activities such as press conferences, briefings, receptions, press as well as the information published or disseminated by local and foreign media on the activities of the university, and arrangement of meetings, conferences and symposiums planned by the University management and other structures. Organization of cultural events, increasing the promotion and reputation of the University and series of activities are also included in the authority of the organizational unit.

The Department participates in the exhibitions targeted to inform the entrants and schoolchildren about the university and its structural units, holds meetings in the lyceums and training courses and organizes trips to them. It prepares leaflets and announcements to inform the public and the university employees about the events. The department also develops catalogues, leaflets and promotional CDs, provides consultancy for those who want to get the information related with the university and acquaints the guests with the university.

The department undertakes the coverage of the activities by the university in Mass Media, provides the public with the information about the affairs done to ensure the transparency and develops press-releases, newsletters, declarations, interviews, speeches and so on. It takes part in drafting of the organizational and regulatory documents in the field of public relations. Taking measures and preparation (if necessary) of the activities for the elimination of distortions and the information not confirming to reality are the activities of the department. At the same time, the department organizes the participation of the representatives of the media and provides daily monitoring of the materials broadcast in the media on the activities of the university and the report of the management about them.

The Department arranges the publishing of the magazines, advertisements, posters, information sheets, survey books and various multimedia facilities; collects video and photo archive on the university’s activities and organizes the subscription to the printed media and electronic publications of the university. It takes part in the consideration of complaints and inquiries from the citizens, state bodies, institutions, enterprises and organizations in accordance with the law. The Department participates in the content of the commissions and working groups established at the university and state bodies, represents the university in local and foreign events of different levels and becomes the participant of affairs.

Until September 2018 the head of the department was Vusala Mammadova.
From September 2018 to May 2019 Javid Khalilov headed the department.
Currently, the department is headed by Elnara Mammadova.

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