Director of Publishing house Huseynov Kamil Aghakishi

Telephone: +(994) 12 492-65-09

.                    +(994) 12 492-53-37


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Information about the Publish House

Publishing house of Azerbaijan State Economic University began to operate since 1972. Within these years it has been publishing thousands of textbooks, training facilities, methodical books and guidelines, curricula, monographs and different scientific-practical conference materials and offered for the use of teaching and students staffs of the University.

The publish house had been led by V.K.Shamuradov, Kh.M.Jafarov, Isaba Huseynova (1996-2000), Nariman Dunyamaliyev, Khankishi Dadashov (2000-2006) in different years. Member of Azerbaijan Association of Journalists Kamil Aghakishi oghlu Huseynov has been running the department since 2009. The editor- in- chief of the publishing house is the professional joiurnalist, member of the Union of Journalists Ismat Habibullah oghlu Safarov.



In recent years, various types of printed materials in 2400 titles: textbooks, manuals, methodical instructions and materials, curricula, monographs, scientific and practical conferences’ materials of different format have been printed in hundreds of thousands issues and of high printed quality.

Fundamental works of worldwide have been interpreted in the departments from English, Russian and other languages with a series of “The books translated at the University of Economics” and are being prepared for publication and are printed of high- quality. So far, about 50 interpreted books have been published in ten thousand issues.

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