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About the Department

To manage and organize teaching at the University effectively, the Departments of “Accounting” and “Economic Analysis and Audit” were abolished by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Azerbaijan State Economic University and the chair of “Accounting and Audit” has been established on their basis on December 25, 2015.

For the first time in Azerbaijan, the Department of Accounting was established in 1928 in the content of the Baku Socialist Institute of Accounting. Its organizer and head for a long time was Professor Alikulu Farajov. At the end of the 20s and early 30s, accounting was taught as a subject in the relevant faculties at the Baku Socialist Accounting Institute, the Azerbaijan Trade and Cooperative Institute and the Azerbaijan State University. The founder of Accounting and Business School in Azerbaijan, A.S.Farajov had great contributions in organizing these chairs and its provision with teaching materials and teaching staff.

In 1930-1960 years along with Prof. A.Farajov, certain services made by Abdulla Tahirzadeh, V.Dupelsky, Mammadi Alkhazov, Farrukh Afandiyev, Agakarim Karimov, Mabud Mammadov, Ali Kazimov and others are undeniable.

In 1958-1964 and 1966-1972 the department of “Accounting and Analysis of Business Activity” was headed by Prof.S.I Samedov.

In 1970, two independent departments were formed on the basis of the Department of “Accounting and Business Activity”:

  • The Department of “Accounting”
  • The Department of “Analysis of Business Activity”

The newly created Department of “Accounting” was headed by an Honored Professor A.M.Salimov (1970-1977), assistant professor F.M.Quliyev (1977-1980), associate professor Y.S.Huseynov (1981-1986), assistant professor I.A.Mammadov (1986-1987), Associate Professor Q.A.Abbasov (1994-2000). Currently, Professor Sifariz Sabzaliyev is the head of the department.

The decree signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Application of the Accounting Law” in 2005 is considered as the main document defining the concept of accounting and financial reporting system in Azerbaijan. The main difference from the previous Law is its conceptual, framework character. At the same time, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted the “National Accounting Standards Implementation Program for 2005-2008″ on 18 June 2005. According to this program, the organizational and methodological guidance under the Ministry of Finance for commercial organizations – 37, for budgetary organizations – 24 and 1 National Accounting Standards for non-governmental organizations have already been prepared and the application of those documents has already begun.

The new teaching and methodological materials, which are considered necessary for the use of standards in the educational process, are prepared by the employees of the Department of Accounting at the national level. It is impossible to carry out reforms in the field of accounting in the educational process on the specialty “Accounting and Audit” without carrying out appropriate reforms.

The disciplines “Financial Accounting”, “Control and Audit”, “Management Accounting”, etc., which define the main principles of the National Accounting Standards Conceptual Framework, for the specialty “Accounting and Audit” prepared by the Department of Accounting of the University of Economics. The main provisions of the conceptual fundamentals of International Financial Reporting Standards and National Accounting Standards have been taken into account in the programs and teaching materials of the department.

The modern theory and practice of accounting changes its shape in the course of economic development and political reconstruction. In this context, it reflects economic processes. Under such circumstances, the accounting category also reflects and hides the interests of certain individuals working in the economic process. Studying the development of accounting theory and practice on the basis of new standards enables students and masters to objectively evaluate economic processes and adopt scientific forecasting techniques.

Two members of the five-member working group “On application of the certification system” according to the Joint Decrees of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 08 January 2010, “Approval of new accounting and audit training in higher education institutions and other educational institutions in connection with transition to the International and National Accounting Standards” are employees of the Department of Accounting (Prof. SM Sabzaliyev, Associate Professor SM Suleymanov). The trainings held under the guidance of the group consisted of 15 professors and teaching staff of the “Accounting” department and were awarded with the appropriate certificates. The trainings covered a number of lectures covering the conceptual framework of international and national accounting standards.

In connection with the implementation of the action plan, Prof. S.Sabzaliyev, assistant prof. S.Suleymanov, assistant prof. NM Ismayilov had published the following teaching and methodical materials in 2010: Control Questions and Tests on the Subjects of Accounting (4,8 pp.), Teaching and Methodical Materials on Teaching National Accounting Standards for Commercial Organizations (3.5 pp), “The Accounts Plan and Their Characteristics Implemented in National and International Accounting Practices” (4.8 pp); “Principles of Financial Reporting on NCS and NAS” (15.0 pp).

It is considered expedient to use the above mentioned educational and methodical materials in the state and private higher education institutions and colleges of the Republic, without exception, preparing specialists in the master’s and bachelor’s degree in “Accounting and audit”.

Prof. The book “Expository dictionary of international and national accounting terms”, published by S.Sabzaliyev in 2010 and prof. Q.A.Abbasov’s book published under the title, “Theory of Accounting” (2009), prof. The book “Accounting and Audit” by Q.Rzayev (2008) should be especially emphasized.

The monographs prepared by the staff of the department in recent years are as follows: Financial Statement: Problems of Formation and Improvement, 2003, 16.0.pp (S.Sabzaliyev); Explanatory Dictionary of International and National Accounting Terms, 2010, 16.0 pp. (S.Sabzaliyev); Problems of management accounting and analysis in oil and gas industry, 2008, 17.3 pp. (S.M.Gasimov); Principles of management accounting, 2009, 18.0 pp. (QA Abbasov) and others.

Teachers of the department translated the monograph “International Standard Financial Reporting” written by the English authors D.Alekander, Anne Britton and others and published in 2009 in the highest printing style. This book is the most prominent publication in the country on the conceptual basis of International Financial Reporting Standards.

In 2008, the textbook “Financial accounting” written by V.A.Terekhov was translated from Russian by prof. S.Sabzaliyev and assistant professor M.Javadova and given to the students’ use.

In 2009, a group of employees of the department (Prof. S.Sabzaliyev, Prof. Q.Abbasov, Associate Professor A.Dashdamirov, Associate Professor S.Suleymanov, Can. of Econ. H.Hajiyev and Laboratory assistant S.Hajibeyova) carried out in the economic contractual scientific-research work ordered by SOCAR on “The current state of accounting in social enterprises of the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its improvement “.

Starting with 2009-2010, most of the staff of the department attended trainings on conceptual foundations both International and National Accounting Standards, organized by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Education and the Azerbaijan State Economic University. They are required to issue appropriate certificates.


Starting from the end of the 20thcentury, the “Economic activity analysis” subject has begun to be taught in the Economics Department of the Azerbaijan State University. This course was one of the main subjects of all faculties of the previous years of Azerbaijan State University. From 1929 to 1972, the subject of “Economic Analysis” (or “Economic Activity Analysis”) was taught in the Department of Accounting and Business Analysis. In 1972 two independent departments – “Accounting” and “Economic analysis” were established on the base of this chair. In this period, the department of “Economic Analysis” is the only chair that prepares and provides training programs and textbooks, methodical instructions, etc. in the field of economic analysis.

In different years, the department of “Economic Analysis and Audit” was headed by prof. A.Farajov, assist. prof. S.Samedov, assist.prof. I.Mahmudov, prof. H.Namazaliyev, prof. R. Aliyev.  Later, the department was led by associate professor TZ Zeynalov (2000-2001), prof. Ph.D. Guliyev (2001-2007), Associate Professor C.N.Namazova (2007-2011), Associate Professor H.Jafarli (2011-2015).

The main purpose of the department is to develop the necessary mechanisms for the development and implementation of strategies of different levels, as well as for the sustainable social development of the country, regions and enterprises, and the preparation of modern analysts and auditors with relevant knowledge and ability to effectively apply those knowledge in the process of implementation of technologies, ensuring the growing demand of Azerbaijani society in this direction.

The chair is the only educational and scientific center that trains bachelors, masters and post-graduate students in the field of Accounting and Audit.

Modern subjects such as Economic Analysis, Economic Analysis, Management Analysis, Practical Audit, Financial-Economic Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, Audit are taught by the department of “Economic Analysis and Audit” on bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Accounting.

Graduates studying in Accounting and Audit at the Center for Graduate Studies are taught “Economic Analysis in Financial”, “Adaptation of Economic Analysis to International Standards”, “Economic Analysis in Audit Service”, “Foreign Economic Activity Analysis”.

Scientific-research, scientific-pedagogical and graduation business practices of the students studying at the Accounting-Economy faculty are well-organized at the department. For this purpose, the students of the department coordinate with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), and our students have the opportunity to practice in various organizations of the SNNP and practice their theoretical knowledge practically.

Scientific research works on “Macroeconomic indicators and living standards of the population” and “Issues of statistical evaluation of investment and innovation processes”, jointly carried out by employees of the departments “Economic analysis and audit” and “Statistics” have been adopted by the State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan.

Employees of the department have been cooperating for many years with the Economic Universities of Russia, Belarus, and especially with the department of “Accounting and Economic Analysis” of Moscow State University. The professor-teaching staff of the department regularly attends events, the processes of defense of theses at various councils in Ukraine and Georgia’s Economic Universities.

Employees of the department annually publish textbooks, teaching facilities, methodical instructions in the volume of 150-200 pp. In recent year, the textbooks “Financial Economic Analysis” co-authored by IMMahmudov, assist. prof. T.Sh.Zeynalov, assist. prof. M.Ismayilov , “Economical analysis” by Dr. of Econ. S.Muslumov and assist. prof.  C.B.Namazova and textbook “Practical Audit” co-authored by R.Kazimov were introduced to the use of students.


On Undergraduate: Accounting and audit
On Graduate: Accounting and audit

The main subjects studied:

1. Theory of accounting
2. Accounting (finance)
3. Accounting Management
4. Fundamentals of Audit
5. Control and inspection
6. Accounting (financial) report
7. Accounting
8. Accounting (production fields)
9. Accounting of foreign economic activity

E- Library of the Department

G.Pashayev “Accounting”, 2015 textbook
Accounting (financial) report, S.Sabzaliyev
Accounting and Audit, textbook

The  Academic Staff:



  • Dr. of Econ., Prof. Abbasov Gazanfar Ali – consultant