Head of Department: Dr of Econ., Prof. Shahbazov Kamil Aghazaman

Address: Baku, Abbas Sahhat str, 45a (IV academic building)
Telephone: +(994) 12 440-05-62
e-mail: kamil.shahbazov@unec.edu.az


A Seminar on “Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Logistics and Trade” held at UNEC (24.01.2017)
UNEC Teachers joined the “IV International Scientific-practical Internet” Conference
Professional Managers met with UNEC Students (14.10.2016)
UNEC Teaching staff participates in the International Conference (12.07.2016)

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About the Department

The Department of Management which was established in 1988 has been directed since the outset by the doctor of economic sciences professor Kamil Shabazov Aghazaman. The Department first named “Management of economy” and then “Management and entrepreneurship activity”. Since 2004 it has been renamed as the “Management” Department.

Although the Department started its activity with the preparation of economic specialists on “Economy and management of production”, afterwards it expanded its scope to cover “Business management”, “Management”, “Organization and management of business”, “State and municipal management”. Currently, the Department trains bachelor degree specialists on “Management” and “State and municipal management”, as well as master degree specialists on “Strategic management”, “Staff management”, “Management (fields)”; “Management at state structure” and “Municipal management”.

3 textbooks, 18 training aids, numerous program and methodical instructions have been prepared on more than 30 subjects taught at the Management Department. Furthermore, staff of the Department published 12 monographs. Followings can be highlighted among them: the “Management” textbook prepared in 2005 by prof. K.A.Shahbazov, assistant professor M.H.Mammadov, assistant professor H.S.Hasanov (re-publication in 2007); “State and municipal management” textbook published in 2011 under the guidance of professor Sh.H.Hajiyev by professor K.A.Shahbazov, assistant professor  M.H.Mammadov, assistant professor H.S.Hasanov and others; “Managerial decisions”  prepared by professor K.A.Shahbazov, professor H.S.Hasanov, assistant professor M.H.Mammadov; “Large business units” and ‘Basics of corporate management” monograph published by professor H.S.Hasanav; “Economic balance systems” monograph published by S.B.Musayeva; “Financial risks and their management” monograph prepared by the doctor of economic sciences Sh.T.Guliyeva.

Scientific direction of the Department is the research of urgent problems of the management in Azerbaijan. Over the last 5 years, professors-teachers of the Department have carried out scientific-research works on “Theoretical and practical issues of the management in the condition of globalizing and renewing Azerbaijan”; “Risk management”; “Management of regional economy in the condition of globalizing and renewing Azerbaijan”; “Current status and rationalization directions of the innovation management in Azerbaijan”; “Ethical problems of the management in modern time”; “Characteristics of the organization of staff management at the current stage of renewed economy” and etc. Results, proposals and recommendations derived from the scientific-research works have been reported at scientific-practical conferences of national and international levels, including at symposiums in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, Alma-Ata, Tbilisi Istanbul, Ankara, Kishinev, Singapore and other cities and published in the form of thesis. More than 400 scientific articles written by staff of the Department have been published on prestigious journals in the country and abroad over the last 5 years. Moreover, staff of the Department is actively cooperating with structural units of a number of ministries, state committees, agencies and organizations in the field of scientific-research works.


There is a business incubator, scientific-methodical laboratory and specialized auditorium operating within the Department.

The Department has close cooperation ties with higher education facilities of leading foreign countries, including Moscow State University named after M.V Lomonosov, Moscow Academy of People’s Economy named after G Plekhanov, Saint-Petersburg Academy of Finance-Economy, Kiev State University, Alma-Ata State University, Tbilisi State University and etc.

Staff of the Management Department are regularly delivering speeches ate symposiums, conferences and seminars of national and international importance.


The  Academic Staff: