Head of the Department: Can. of Geog.Scien, Assist. Prof. Valida Zulfugar Mehdiyeva

 Address: Baku, H.Aliyev str. 135 (II academic building)
Telephone: +(994) 12 564-16-76
e-mail: valida.mehdiyeva@unec.edu.az


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Winner of “Young Ecologists” knowledge contest – “Ganja-Gazakh economic region” (March 6, 2018)
The “Re-Life” Project of “Clean City” at UNEC (29.11.2016)
At the 7th International Environmental Exhibition (17.11.2016)
UNEC Students conduct training for pupils  (14.12.2015)

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About the Department

Department of “Protection and Economy of Environment” was established in 2009 as a result of the combination of two independent departments – “Economic Geography” and Economy of Nature Management” and “Production Systems and Environmental Protection”. The department of “Economic Geography”, united in this chair, had been functioning since the 1930s. Since 1966 the departments of “Economic Geography” and “Technology of production” have been functioning independently, and subsequently the name of both chairs has changed many times, and finally, in 2009, continued its activity under the title of “Environmental Protection and Economy”.

In different times the Department was run by an Associate Professor K.V.Huseynova (1966-1970), Associate Professor A.H.Mammadov (1971-1975), Associate Professor S.Majidov (1975-1979), Professor R.H.Mammadov (1980-2008), Assistant Professor J.Ibadova (1966-1968), Prof. J.M.Mahmudov (1969-1991,2000-2009), Associate Professor A.Qasimov (1991-2000).

6 textbooks, 4 textbooks, programs, as well as more than 250 scientific articles, including 7 monographs, have been published under various titles on the subjects taught by the department.

Currently, the department is preparing specialists in the field of environmental protection and rational utilization of natural resources. Research work has been carried out by the department in the direction of “Increasing oil production by drilling horizontal wells in offshore oil and gas fields and preventing pollution of the sludge and solution of the problems come from”. The steps envisaged in each calendar year are fulfilled in accordance with all requirements approved in Scientific-Research Program. Each year, the results of the research work are discussed and discussed at appropriate sessions of the department. Ecological contrast excursions, competition of free topics, etc. are performed by the department.

Main subjects taught at the department:

Population and social environment
Ecology and life safety
Ecological standardization and certification
Basic geomorphology
Development and deployment of productive forces
Basic of industrial production
Industrial and household waste recycling
The economy of environmental usage
The economy of environmental usage and forecasting
Basics of soil science
General ecology
General geoscience
Basics of production technology
Specially protected areas of Azerbaijan
Basics of material science
Basics of ecological business

The  Academic Staff:

  • Can. of Geog.Scien, Assist. Prof. Valida Zulfugar Mehdiyeva (head of depart.) Honorary Professor of UNEC (0, 25)
  • Can. of Tech. Sc., Assist. Prof. Yusif Namaz Ibrahimov
  • Can. of Econ. Assist. Prof. Vahid Gurban Aghayev
  • Can. of Geog. Sc., Assist. Prof. Ilgar Beyler Khalilov
  • Can. of Geog. Sc., Assist. Prof. Eminov Farhad Bayram
  • Can. of agric. Sc., Assist. Prof. Adik Seyfal Mammadov
  • Can. of Geog. Sc. Assist. Prof. Rovshan Shahverdi Hasanov (deputy dean of the department)
  • Can. of B. Sc., Assist. Prof. Tahir Ramazan Tariverdiyev
  • Can. of Geog. Sc., Assist. Prof. Asadulla Hamzat Abdullayev
  • Can. of Geog. Sc., Assist. Prof. Mehriban Aydin Askarova
  • PhD. in Geog. Assist. Prof.  Saida Ismat Sultanli
  • Can. of Geog. Sc. Assist.Prof. Khatira Jahangir Maharramova (0.75)
  • PhD in Geography, Senior Lecturer,  Afag Zakir Hajiyeva (0.75)
  • S/t. Sevinj Alim Khasayeva (0.75)
  • S/t. Farida Bilal Aliyeva (0.5)
  • S/t. Natig Yusif Gurbanov  (Head of the department of Practice Organization) (0,25)
  • Phd in Geography Jafarova Firuza Mubariz
  • Lecturer  Saida Abgul Serajova