It’s been suggested that Candy had false memory syndrome and

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I read with interest the comments of Dr. Fenton. In his editorial (Evid Based Med. It’s been suggested that Candy had false memory syndrome and that her memories retrieved under hypnosis were the product of an active imagination. If the public hadn’t become aware of the program until after Candy’s hypnosis sessions and Candy herself wasn’t privy to a well of public conspiracy theories surrounding MK Ultra as we are now, false memory syndrome is a questionable diagnosis. Had she read the article mentioned above? Had this set something off in her mind? Skeptics were very critical at the time and while there isn’t definite proof that what Nebel unearthed in these hypnotic sessions is true, there has been enough admitted by the CIA about the project that it isn’t unreasonable to believe at least some of Candy’s story..

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