10 important facts that applicants should know

19 JULY 2018 | VIEWS:

10 important facts about UNEC:

  1. UNEC grants the special scholaship to the applicants getting more than600 admission score and the winners of the olympiads in the amount of 100 AZN.
  2. 15 students in each course getting the highest results within semester receive the scholarship of the second exemplary student in the amount of 100 AZN.
  3. The students, only at UNEC have the opportunity to have 2 qualifications within 4 years through the Inrta-university Dual Degree Diploma program. The Inrta-university Dual Degree Diploma program is free for applicants, getting 700 admission score. The applicants, getting more than 600 admission score are exempt from 50 percent of tution fee.
  4. It is posssible, within 4 years, to get the diplomas of the most prestigious universities of Europe at UNEC by joining the bachelor’s program of the London University/London Economics School and the Montpellier University of France.
  5. The students participate in the exchange of European and Turkish prestigious univerities within the framework of “Erasmus+” and the “Movlana” international program.
  6. The education at UNEC is conducted by the young teachers graduated from the most prestigious universities of America, Canada and the Western Europe.
  7. The students, through the Electronic University Model receive the information on the lectures, study materials, lesson schedules, exam scores and class attendance from their personal electronic cabinet.
  8. The UNEC Innovative Business Incubator supports the students to transform their creative ideas into their own business.
  9. For the first time in the country, at UNEC the library working by system 7/24 provides the students with the opportunity to prepare for the lessons and exams easily.
  10. The UNEC Creative Center offers the students the opportunity to develelop their creative potential.
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