Darband Branch Director, Prof. Goyushov Rovshan Jahandar


He was born in Gazakh in 1944. Goyushov graduated from the Institute of Oil and Chemistry of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1968; defended Candidate’s paper in 1976. He became the Associated Professor in 1984 and the Professor in 1993. He served as the Dean and Vice-rector at the Institute of Technology of the Republic of Azerbaijan in different times. Within 1998- 2000 Goyushov served as the Vice-rector for Education Affairs of Baku State Institute of Commodity Research and Commerce and the Head of Department. He is the Director of UNEC’s Darband Branch of since 2000 up- to date. He is the Professor of the Department “Physics and Chemistry”.

Goyushov is the author of more than 60 articles, 1 textbook, 2 training aids and 3 certificates of authorship.

He was awarded with a badge of “Advanced Education Employee” for his performances rendered in improving the level of education, its successful integration into the international standards and world of science, as well as upbringing of young generation as an enlightened person embodying the love in their actions to Motherland, state and nation along with their development as highly skilled professionals and their formation as a human on the occasion of the 85th Anniversary of the University of Economics.


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