Preparation for exams of the autumn semester of the 2019/2020 academic year is over


The next meeting of the UNEC Scientific Council   has been held.

Preparations for the autumn   semester exam session and current issues of the 2019/2020 academic year were discussed at the meeting.

Anar Rzayev the vice-rector for Teaching and Learning Technologies gave   information   about the preparation for the exam session for the fall semester of the 2019/2020 academic year. Pro-rector said that according to the relevant order of the rector of UNEC the term of the university session was determined from December 28 to January 31, 2020. Repeated exams for academic debts from the previous semester will be held during the session, re-examination for those who have academic debts for the current semester (including students who do not take part at the exam for good reason)  will be held from February 3 to February 7.

Exams will be organized in both written and test formats. The exams in ISE, Sabah Centre, TWEFAC, Master’s Center, International Master’s and Doctoral Center, and in other faculties are intended  to be held in written form, and in other faculties it is intended to be organized mainly by test.

The exams of the majors: Introduction to economics, Azerbaijan economy, Macroeconomics will be held in written form on a single syllabus, of Theoretical Foundations of Consumer Goods Examination, Fundamentals of Standardization, Management Systems, Theoretical Foundations of Food Technology and  Applied Ecology will be held in written form. Examinations in Marketing, Accounting, Firm   Economics will be organized by testing   on a single syllabus while maintaining the confidentiality of tests. The English language exam will be in a mixed form. So as,   reading skill will be tested in the form of test, and writing skills will  be tested in writing.

Vice-Rector Anar Rzayev also noted that, the appeals for the second colloquium of disciplines which have organized its exams  by test have been completed. There are a number of appeals left in the faculties that pass the written exams – ISE and SABAH. Completion of these appeals is due until December 25. In addition, review of appeals on centralized examinations (Macroeconomics, Azerbaijan Economy) will be completed by 25 December.

As for the repeated examinations for academic debts from previous semesters, registration for them is complete.

Anar Rzayev said that the preparation for the exam session was also completed at the Zagatala branch of   UNEC and at the College of Finance and Economics operating within the university.

Then issues which   raised questions   were discussed. Rector Prof. Adalat Muradov gave instructions   to check the quality of exam questions and timely announce the answers and the results of appeals. He  also  instructed to identify and announce the date of the state exams  for those who were not be able to graduate from  UNEC in time.

Later, current issues on the agenda were discussed by members of the Academic Council. First of all, they expressed their attitude towards   adoption of  the Statute of the Research Center “One Belt, One Way”. With some clarifications, it was agreed to adopt the Statute.

Another issue, on the recommendation of Saadat Kandilova, vice –rector for Student Affairs  the salary of the SSS chairman and his deputies was also voted up and accepted.

The proposal for the creation of a Self-Review Commission at the University in connection with the accreditation of UNEC and its branches   in 2020 was also discussed.  After the composition of the Commission was read, several changes were made to it.

Then the presentation by Sabukhi Tanriverdiyev, Director of the Center for Distant, Correspondence   and Additional  Education on changes in relevant regulations regarding the organization of correspondence education was listened. The acceptance of this proposal was not considered acceptable because there were controversial points in the matter.

The meeting also discussed providing   of training for 7 new specialties for the next academic year. Rector Professor Adalat Muradov said that a training program should be developed and that teachers who will teach new technical and technological specialties should be involved in training from January 10 next year.

In conclusion, the Rector congratulated the participants on the forthcoming World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day and the New Year, and he instructed employees to be paid   salaries before the holiday.

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