347 students who scored over 600 points chose the UNEC


The results on the students getting success in the admission examinations for the higher education institutions held for 2018/19-th academic year and managing to be the UNEC students have been announced.

The admission to the UNEC totally constituted 4739 people, 3286 of them were admitted to the bachelor degree level of study and 1453 people were in the master’s degree level.

The significant progress in the number of getting perfect score has also been made this year in the UNEC acceptance rating. The choice of 347 out of 550 people who scored 600 and higher points on the II specialty group, id-est, 63 percent (1 person on I specialty group) was exactly UNEC. Compared to 2014 year, the number of students admitted to UNEC scoring 600 and higher points have increased by 3.8 times.

In this academic year, one of the applicants with the result of scoring 700 points on the II specialty group was admitted to the International School of Economics of UNEC.

Thus,  1 person out of 347 applicants admitted to UNEC with 600 and higher scores  had got 700 points, 29 applicants had got 680-700 and 95  of them had scored 650-680 points.

The average score of the university admissions has significantly increased over the past three years and has become 409 points. The maximum point in the average score was recorded at the International School of Economics. Thus , the average admission score in 2016 was 635 points, in 2017 the figure was 645 points, while in 2018 this indicator rose by 13 points and became 658 points, and the minimum admission score  was 629 points.

The actual admission to Zagatala branch of UNEC last year made up 167 people, while this year this indicator rose 1.7 times and became 294 people. The maximum score points of students enrolled in the 2017/2018-th academic year was 427, which rose to 440 points in this academic year.

The successful results were also recorded at the admission to the Master’s degree level of study. Thus, the actual acceptance of this year compared with 2017 has risen from 1444 to 1453 people. Thus, the indicators of the last 4 years have increased in the economics and management specialties by 22.3%,  in technical and technological specialties by 53.3%.

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