Senior lecturer, Imanova Gultekin Musa

She was born on September 2, 1963 in Gadabay region.

In 1987 she graduated from Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute; in 1997, she graduated from the faculty of  IER  of Azerbaijan State University of Economics as a second specialty.

In 1987-1993, she worked as a chief engineer at the Aztorgtekhnika enterprise under AzerUnion. She has been working at Azerbaijan State University of Economics since 1993.

She was a senior laboratory assistant at the “Marketing” department of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics in 2000-2001, a teacher in 2001-2009;




In 2009-2013 she worked as a lecturer at the department of “Standardization and Certification”.

Since 2013, she has been the head teacher of the department.

She is the author of 26 scientific works.

She is married, has two children and a grandchild.