PhD in Econ., S/t. Aghabeyova Gulnana Shukreddin

Aghabeyova Gulnana Shukreddin kizi was born on August 31 1976 in the town of Zagatala of Azerbaijan.

In 1997 she graduated from the Azerbaijan State University of Economics with the specialty “Finance-credit” and in 1999 became a Master on the same specialty with honors.

After she graduated, she was appointed a senior laboratory assistant to the Department of “Banking and Money Turnover”.

She is a teaching staff of the Department since 2002.

On December 9 2000 she was approved to make a scientific-research on “Regulation Problems of the Interaction between Pricing and Tax” by the Scientific Council of the School of “Regulation of Economy”. She has completed the dissertation on the mentioned theme and the work has been discussed at the joint sessions of the Departments “Regulation of Economy”, “Price”, “Tax and Taxation”.


In 2008 the work has also been discussed at the scientific workshop of the University. G.Sh.Aghabeyova is the author of 25 scientific articles on the dissertation.

She defended her dissertation on October 26 2011 at the Dissertation Council of the University and in 2012 became a PhD in Economy by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

G.Sh.Aghabeyova is a teaching staff of the Department “Banking” since February of 2013.

She has got a child.

List of Scientific works