Head of the Department of “Business administration”, Cand. of Econ., Assoc. Prof. Aliyev Mahammad Alakbar


He was born in Givrag village, Sharur region, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan Republic on September 05, 1955.


1962-1972 – Givrag village secondary school, Sharur region, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
1976-1980 – Azerbaijan National Economy Institute named after D.Bunyadzade (present Azerbaijan State University Economics)
2005 – PhD on economics;  2008 – Associate Professor

Labour activity:

1972-1973 – worker in sovkhoz named after N.Narimanov in Sharur region
1980-2001 – economist, senior economist, chief of workshop, chief engineer, deputy director in the enterprises of the Ministry of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry; chairman and director of Trade Union Committee.
2006-2011 – Deputy Dean;    2011-2012 – Head of department

He is an author of 15 scientific articles about strategic problems of introduction of Azerbaijan oil to world markets, 1 textbook and 1 training aid.

He is married, has three children and two grandchildren.

Əliyev Məhəmməd


Development of Small and Medium- sized Enterprise will improve Citizens’ Welfare (25.01.2017)

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