Head of the Department of “THE TECHNOLOGY OF FOOD PRODUCTS”, associate professor Gulnisa Aghagulu Abbasbeyli


1966-1971 Azerbaijan State Institute of Oil and Chemistry (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy)

1975 – Candidate of Chemical sciences

1985 – associate professor


1972-1974 – ASOA- post-graduate
1974-1976 – Work travel in the Republic of Cuba
1976- 2002 – ASOA – junior research assistant, lector, senior lector, associate professor
2002- nowadays –  Associate professor of Azerbaijan State Economics University, head of the chair

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3 Certificates of authorship;

Chemistry with the application of EAM in question and responses (textbook), “Chemistry”(textbook), Examination questions on general chemistry with the application of EAM (textbook), Guideline on the implementation of laboratory works in General chemistry.

I, II parts (textbooks), Abiturient -86, 87, 89, 90, 92 (textbooks), laboratory works on “The technology of bakery and pasta products” course (textbook); methodic guidelines on the implementation of laboratory works;

“The technology of fish and fish products”, “ The technology of milk and dairy products”, “ The technology of food concentrates”, “The technology of floured confectionery products”, “General technology of food products”, “Trade equipment”, “Flour production technology” subject programs.

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