mal_aynur_fotoassistant Aynur Adalat Mikayılova

Mikayilova Aynur Adalat kizi was born on December 2 1986 in Goychay region.

She went to the secondary school 157 of Binagadi district in 1995.

In 2005 she finished the school and entered the School of Finance and Credit of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

In 2009 she became a Bachelor of the University; in 2012 a Master.





In 2009 she began her labor activity as a bookkeeper to Binagadi-Nasimi service section of Baku city Educational Department.

In 2011 Mikayilova was recruited a specialist to the Financial and Administrative Department of the Center for Strategic Investigations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Since 2013 she serves as an assistant of the Department of Finance of ASUE.

Mikayilova is married.