Senior lecturer : Sultanova Irada Baba    

She was born on July 2, 1957 in Baku.

In 1974 she entered the Persian philology department of the faculty of Oriental Studies of   Azerbaijan State University (present Baku State University).

In 1979, she   graduated with honors from the university and was qualified as a philologist, translator, Persian and Azerbaijani languages and literature teacher.

In 1980, she began her career as an interpreter in the Iranian Chief Editorial Office   of the Foreign Broadcasting Department of the Azerbaijan State Radio and Television Broadcasting Committee.



In 1998 she started working as a teacher of the Azerbaijan language at the department of “Languages” of Baku State   Commercial and Commodity Research Institute.

In 2001-2005 she was appointed as   a senior lecturer on the Azerbaijani language at the department of “Languages” of “Technical and Technological” specialties of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

Since 2005, she has been working as a senior lecturer at the department of “Azerbaijani Language” at Azerbaijan State   University of Economics.

She is the author of a  textbook and an  article.

Married and has 2 children.