“One Belt, One Road”: “What Does It Promise for the Azerbaijani Economy?”

26 OCTOBER 2019 | VIEWS:

UNEC has hosted an event dedicated to the topic: “One Belt, One Road: What does it promise   for the Azerbaijani Economy”?

The event was attended by UNEC rector,   professor   Adalat Muradov and the academic-staff, as well as MPs, representatives of international economic organizations, scientific and educational institutions operating in Azerbaijan.

         Professor Adalat Muradov, the rector of UNEC, said that the university had held seminars of specialized research centers created to stimulate scientific activity within the framework of Science Week. The rector who   said that today’s event was dedicated to the task of   “One Belt, One Road”, noted   that   the project could make a significant contribution to the Azerbaijani economy. Adalat Muradov   noted that the event had been organized on the initiative of  UNEC Center for Digital Economics and the Department of “Digital Economy and ICT”, emphasizing   that serious research was required  on  “One Belt, One Road” project.

Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy of   Milli Majlis,  Academician  Ziyad Samadzadeh   said that UNEC had been discussing the current issues of economics and science, and   research had been expanded. Emphasizing the importance of the topic discussed, the academician spoke about the research carried out under his leadership in the early 1990s on the restoration of the ancient Silk Road. Chairman of the Committee, who stated that Azerbaijan was an active participant of the “One Belt, One Road” project, the largest project in the global world economy, underlined that such projects primarily served the national interests of the country. He said that these national interests had been protected   in China’s economic success, too.

Noting the relevance of the subject, MP Tahir Mirkisili, spoke about the economic and geopolitical aspects of the project. The deputy said today that the most extensive trade was carried out between Europe and Asia, and that there was a need to deepen ties between the two countries to increase the global economy. The MP said that China’s proposed project was   huge both financially and in terms of coverage, with an investment of up to $ 4 trillion in 65 countries. He noted that only one of 6 routes passed through Azerbaijan in the “One Belt, One Road” project and emphasized   that Azerbaijan had the richest “corridor” in shipments of the project. MP said that Azerbaijan-China relations were developing  with the rising line and the foreign trade turnover between the two countries had increased 2.4 times in the past 9 months. He also added that Azerbaijan was interested in information transit. Mirkishili stressed that the country needed human capital to play a central role in the “One Belt, One Road ” project. He noted that universities played a leading role in staff training and that UNEC had a strong scientific potential in this area.

Deputy Secretary-General for Science and Technology of the Alliance “One Belt, One Road” Ph.D Li Renying, making a a speech, noted that the event, initiated by UNEC, was  important for the study of the economic interests of Azerbaijan and China in the “One Belt, One Road”  project. Referring to the need for Azerbaijani and Chinese scholars to conduct research and train highly qualified specialists, L. Renying said that universities played a great role in this regard. Then the Chinese scientist made a presentation on the aims and prospects of the “One Belt, One Road” project.

After the speeches, the role of the project in enhancing Azerbaijan’s presence in the regional markets, regional and national economic importance, potential for investment in Azerbaijan, financing higher education under the project and other questions were answered.

The event continued with discussions. Akif Mustafayev, head of the TRACECA Azerbaijani National Secretariat, vice president of the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) Vugar Zeynalov, head of the department of Digital Economy and ICT, academician Ali Abbasov and other speakers shared their views and made suggestions.

The rector said that within 5 days of Science Week, UNEC had  held discussions on topical issues of the economy. Speaking about the importance of research in the development of the non-oil sector in Azerbaijan, the rector Adalat Muradov said that there was  a need for serious research on the “One Belt, One Road”  project and UNEC would take the initiative. Considering the lack of specialist in the project, the rector said that along with the “One Belt, One Road” Alliance, the Chinese will be implementing a distant certification program about  the Caspian Sea at UNEC Extern.

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