“We want to be UNEC Student”

10 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

Ulduz (Star) Training Center’s audience called at UNEC with the initiative of UNEC Department of “Finance and Financial Institutions”. Teaching staff of UNEC Department of Marketing, Assistant to the Rector Ramil Jabbarov became a guide of the info tour organized in the territory of UNEC for schoolchildren. They were informed about the education opportunities, majors and Dual Diploma Programs provided by UNEC in detail.

Pupils also got acquainted with the progress of the Winter Exam Session of UNEC. Observing the process of written and testing examination methods, schoolchildren appreciated the objectivity and transparency of the assessment of students’ knowledge positively and expressed the desire for becoming UNEC student in the future. They especially emphasized that they want to major in Finance.

Student of the International School of Economics Faig Khasayev who completed his one- term- studies at the joint education institution of France and the US CEFAM (International School of Business and Management) within the Erasmus+ Exchange Program and returned to UNEC spoke about the advantages of becoming UNEC student: “We have passed a three- stage contest together with my group mates and studies in the city of Leon of France for one semester. I invented the France for myself within the term; became familiar with history and culture. UNEC gave me this chance. Therefore I am grateful to my native university”.

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