Associate Professor Guliyev Rauf Jamil

R.J.Guliyev was born on May 2 1949 in Baku.

He completed the secondary school 189 of Baku city in 1966.

He graduated from the School of Physics of Azerbaijan State University in 1972. After the graduation he served as a laboratory assistant of the Department of “Electronics” of the University, in 1972 he became a laboratory assistant of the Department Earth’s Physics under ASSR Academy of Sciences Institute of Geology, then he became a junior fellow of the Institute. Here he was engaged in some researches. In February of 1976 he became the Academic Council of the Department on Earth of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences. He served here until December of 1986. Since December of 1986 Guliyev became a scientist and an engineer of the Institute of Deep Oil and Gas Fields of ASSR AS.

In 1990 Guliyev defended his thesis on Geology and became a Candidate in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences.

In 1991 he was appointed the Assistant to the Vice- president and a senior expert of the Administration of Azerbaijan Republic National Academy of Sciences. In 1992 he became the Assistant to the Secretary of State of AR, at the same time he became a Vice- president of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Within 1992- 1997 Guliyev served in different positions at the AC. In the years of 1997- 2007 he was the Assistant to the Vice- President of ANAS.

Since 2007 Guliyev has been serving at ASUE in different positions. He was the Assistant to the Rector, senior teaching staff and acting Associate Professor of the Department “Protection and Economy of Environment”. Besides, he is the Executive Secretary of the magazine “Geo-economics” and the member of the Academic Council of ASUE.

Guliyev is a participant and reporter of International congresses, conferences and forums. He is the author of 1 monograph, more than 30 articles and theses.

He conducted lectures on Ecology, Ecological Problems of Automobile Transport, Ecological Problems of Fuel- energy Complex, Basis of Industrial Production, Ecology and Utilization of Nature. He suggested new ecological type of tourism, i.e. contrast ecological excursions for the first time.

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