The world university scientists at UNEC – the teaching materials are adapted to the international standards


The nextwinter school for the academic-teaching staff at UNEC has been launched.

The annual winter school traditionally organized to increase the academic and pedagogical potential of the academic-teaching staff of UNEC this time is dedicated to the topic  “Improving the quality of teaching materials and adapting to the international standards”. At the winter school organized in the UNEC Guba Training, Sports and Recreation Center , the scientists from the prestigious universities of the world – the professor of the US Leigh University Jill Sperandio, the teacher at French University of Lyon and the professor at the Istanbul University of Turkey conduct trainings.

At the Winter School, to more than hundred UNEC teachers will be given the detailed information on the development of teaching materials and the lecture standards,  the syllabus improvements, teaching and business ethics, the use of case studies, and the exemplary methods will be provided, and the European  experience in this area will be shared. For conducting the qualitative research, the scientists will be explained the differencies among the qualitative, quantative and complex methods, including the consideration of target audiences during the research, the publication of articles in the prestigious international scientific magazines, the use of online databases and visual presentation capabilites.

The teachers successfully completed the the five-day winter school will be presented the certificates.

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