Admission rules for international students at UNEC

Admission of international applicants/students is carried out through an online application. All candidates should apply via


Admission requirements:

Candidates who apply online must upload the following documents while filling the online application form.

Copy of passport


English language proficiency document

High School or university diploma along with supplement

Medical Certificate

Photo-picture 3 × 4/8 pieces

Note: Each of the abovementioned documents must be apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their respective countries.


After admitted to the UNEC

At the next stage of the admission process, according to the rules of general acceptance, all international applicants’ documents are checked through and if they are eligible to study at UNEC, at the next phase, an official invitation letter will be sent to the applicant/student admitted by the Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC).

All applicants who have received the invitation letter must come to Azerbaijan with an educational visa and submit the original documents to the UNEC International Cooperation Department. A contract with the candidates who have submitted the original documents is signed, and foreign students enrolled on a paid basis, acquire the name of a UNEC student.