Head of the Doctoral Studies Hamid Hamidov

Preparation of the specialists and scientific-pedagogical cadres in Azerbaijan Republic higher educational institutions is in three level:

  • Undergraduate (except for medical education);
  • Graduate (except for medical education);
  • Doctorate (Law of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, article 22).

The rules for setting up doctorates, entering to the doctorate and presentation of the Doctor’s degree are defined by the appropriate executive power department (Law of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, article 23.4).

Granting scientific degrees to scientific-pedagogical cadres who work at the higher educational institutions, scientific and other institutions is also realized by the way of post graduation. The rules for presenting the candidates for a degree to the appropriate departments of higher educational institutions and scientific research institutions are also defined by appropriate executive authority (Law of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, article 23.7).

Besides, admission to the post graduation is also reduced in compare with the previous years. Before the admission to the post graduation an Interview Commission holds the observation, in the pretenders’ presence. Taking into account their experience, publications and personal skills it decides their admission to appropriate department.

In order to improve the scientific creativity and outlook of nominee doctors and candidates for a degree, they are taught macro-economy, micro-economy, philosophy of economy, foreign language, econometrics and methodology of the economy.

One of the main directions of the department is that the pretenders who graduate from the doctorate and post graduation defend their thesis on time. Although the indicators in this direction are not satisfactory our university had reached some progress in this field. Thus the increase in submitting works to the discussion and defense has been observed nowadays. Analyses show that one of the shortages our activity is that the annual attestation of the nominee doctors and investigators are not satisfactory.

The Deans of the faculties and the Heads of the chairs will be sent a circular letter in this regard, to ask to provide a regular attestation of nominee doctors and candidates for a degree.

Control to the provision of the annual attestation of nominee doctors and candidates for a degree have now been increased.

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