Research centre for Econophysics
Head of the Center: Prof.  Dr.of  Phys-Math. Sciences Shakhlar Askerov

Address: UNEC I Academic Building
Contact phone: 050 211 02 98

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The   Research Center   for Econophysics   was established by the Decision No. 164 of the Academic Council of the Azerbaijan State  University  of  Economics  (UNEC) dated February 28, 2019 and by the UNEC Rector Decree No. 152/3/2019 of March 14, 2019.

According to the order of the UNEC Rector dated May 13, 2019 No. 315/3/2019, the Center was entrusted to Honored Scientist Professor, Askerov Shakhlar Qachay.


The Economic Research Center will encourage economic and socio-economic research and the use of empirical methods in scientific research, provide support for faculty and students on access to qualitative research and access to international bases, implements research projects in the field of local and international cooperation.


- to carry out scientific works  and projects;

- Organization of international and national conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables, trainings;

- Preparation and printing of publications in different languages;

-Preparation   of   reports, brochures, research papers, articles, newsletters, books, etc. ;

- Collaborate with representatives of research centers, institutions, universities and the private sector within the country and abroad;

- To ensure that the appeals and inquiries on the directions of activity are considered in accordance with the legislation;

-To provide realization of the concept of development of the university within its competence;

- To provide protection of service information in the course of activity by   the Center in accordance with the legislation;


The head of the research   centre for Econophysics

Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences Askerov Shakhlar Qachay


Raziyev Safar Amin – Head of the department of “General Disciplines” of   UNEC Zaqatala Branch

Mikayilova Aynur  Adalat – Doctorate Department, Azerbaijan State  University of Economics, student for a degree, department of “Finance and Financial Institutions”, Assistant

Imanova Ulviyya Mayis – Master of English in Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Famagusta (Cyprus).

Aliyeva Nurtan Zakhid – Azerbaijan State University of   Economics , BMDM World Economy, International Trade (Turkish Department) 97.8 GPA

Jamiyev Safa Nasrulla  – Azerbaijan State  University of Economics, Master: MBA (Business Administration and Management)